at Home and On Campaign

at Home and On Campaign

26 September 2016

Urban Renewal, Sector Six Style

I’ve been a little busy over the past couple of weeks rebuilding and touching up the city terrain for my gaming club.  It’s been somewhat of a chore, but I can hardly complain, as I managed to volunteer myself for the job.

I modified our existing templates to block true LOS, and I added some smaller pieces for variety. Also, I dug out the old GW paper city mat and donated it. I have a couple more buildings to go, and then this project is complete.

06 September 2016

"Third Shift", A Review of Miniature Scenery's Large Forklift

Mutt kicked the track on the broken forklift. He and Jeff were tired.  Just because this was the second time they had been caught using the forklift for their own little “side business”, the Foreman didn’t need to stick them with the graveyard shift. Worse, that fluid cooling unit was only 2 tons over the weight limit, the stupid lift should have been able to handle it.  It’s not their fault. Why should they have to spend an extra unpaid shift fixing it?

This really cool little scenic item came from in Australia. I like a whole lot of stuff on their website, and I ordered this forklift as a test purchase.

The price was right and shipping took about 10 business days, which considering it came from the other side of the planet, is not bad at all.

Overall, my purchasing and shipping experience was very good, but I do have a quibble or two. The checkout functionality was old tech and clunky, the policy for shipping charges was not clear at all and there was no package tracking option. BUT, I would like to emphasize again, these are quibbles, the product was great and arrived in a reasonable amount of time without incident.

What do I think of the model?
It’s great.  It would be nifty regardless, but considering this began as a flatpack sheet of MDF with laser cuts, it is just awesome.
...and when I saw it was powered by a radial aircraft engine on the back...

I consider my test purchase a major success, and I will return to Miniature Scenery and buy more stuff from them.