Goldmine Games Grand Prix

Goldmine Games Open Rally Grand Prix
Four Drivers race from start to finish as fast as they can, while managing the wear and tear on their bike or car. Push the vehicle too hard too early and it will have nothing left at the end … or it might even crash before it gets there!
Starting Positions
Drivers dice off. High roll gets the pole position, and then each spot is taken in roll order.
Drivers take their turn in order determined by the following:
1.       Highest current Control Rating (Control = 9 goes first, then 8, and so on)
2.       If more than one Bike/Car has the same Control Rating, the first tie breaker goes to the one that is farthest down the track.
3.       If vehicles of the same Control Rating occupy the same space, the tiebreaker goes to the one that has “position”. Position is defined as, the vehicle that has arrived first at the space
4.       The Control Rating can change throughout a Game Turn. The value used to determine Turn Order is the CURRENT value, not the value at the start of the Game Turn.
Each Turn a Driver
1.       Takes the Sticker (a big marker)
2.       Rolls 2d6
3.       Chooses either the higher roll: High Speed, or the lower roll: Controlled Speed. If the driver rolls doubles, the value is considered “Controlled Speed”. (Double 6’s are awesome!)
4.       Place the Sticker the number of spaces down the track equal to the roll chosen
5.       Move the vehicle down the track and stop at the 1st hazard. Resolve the effect of the hazard. If the vehicle is not stopped by the result, continue moving the vehicle toward the Sticker resolving each hazard along the way until the vehicle is stopped by a result, or the vehicle reaches the Sticker
Hazards and Control Checks
Hazards are marked on the course and rules about their effects are printed on the marker.
When a “Control Check” is required, the Driver rolls 2d6 and must roll equal to or less than the current Control Value. When a Driver fails a Control Check, he must roll 1d6 on this chart and apply the result (there are no modifiers to this roll):

Active Driver
Driver being Passed
CRASH – Car is out of the Race
-1 Control Rating
Bike/Car ends the turn on the current space
-1 Control Rating
Bike/Car Loses Position, move to the right in the space
-1 Control Rating
Bike/Car continues toward the Sticker
-1 Control Rating

Move the Sticker one additional space
NO Control Checks are triggered by this move
Move the Bike/Car forward one space,
NO Control Checks are triggered by this move
Additional Rules
1.       Cars that are reduced to a Control Rating of 2, immediately CRASH and are Out of the Race
2.       If a Driver rolls double ones during a Control Check, the Driver GAINS +1 to the Control Rating
3.       Any number of Cars can occupy the same space, and a vehicle can execute a pass through them.  
4.       If a Car is attempting to Pass in a space with multiple Cars, it only has to take 1 Control Checkck
The winner is the Bike/Car that crosses the finish line FIRST.