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25 August 2014

Secret War VII: Convergence

For several months our heroes have been tirelessly investigating a massive and far flung conspiracy involving
the Imperial Church and Clergy- Canoness Quintilla
elements of the 4th Reich- Baroness Niehoff
...and newly discovered aliens of incredible power and hostile intent
The start of this epic can be found here: LINK
What evil machinations are afoot?

The investigation taxed the best efforts of two mixed teams (Imperial and Kingdom of Colores) separated by vast distances (and 2 separate blogs: this one and that are finally circling back to an emergency rendezvous orbiting the planet Toolenay.

The KCS Passereaux, with Ambassador Sophie Andres and Imperial Inquisitor Verhoeven on board, closes for link up with her sister ship, the KCS Helena.
In the briefing room of the Helena, Inquisitor Verhoeven lays out the hard won and shocking facts to Imperial Sub-Ambassador Tigh and Major Guiscard.
There have recently appeared mindless slaves on Krellborne IX. Zombie-like beings, who when interrogated, can only babble on about a return of "The Masters" and some nonsense about "3 stones together for eternity".

Element 1.
Over three decades ago, Canoness Quintilla was passing through Krellborne IX on a pilgrimage. While on the surface she was enticed by a local priest to visit some ancient ruins relevant to the fundamental tenets of the Imperial faith.  

While among the ruins, she was drawn by a strange energy, a calling that only she could hear. Completely transfixed, she ventured alone into a previously unexplored area of the ruins and encountered an apparition of a race so incredibly ancient, the universe has no record of their existence.
The specter offered a deal. In exchange for a "favor" at some future date, a talisman of the old world, known as an "Eternity Stone" would be hers. The stone is unremarkable in appearance, but it carries incredible power.  Among many other things, it can manipulate time and space and can influence the thoughts of beings of low will. The Canoness took the deal.

Element 2.
The Nazi's have always been obsessed by the occult.  It is not known when or where they acquired a second Eternity Stone, but what is known is that Baroness Niehoff now has personal possession of the artifact. 
It can be surmised by recent events that she was seduced by the same ancient race in a manner similar to the Canoness.

Element 3.
Last year at the Peace Summit, these two instigators met (LINK). 
This was the final event in a conspiracy assembled for hundreds of millennia by these ancient "Masters".  Since that moment, there have been sightings and battles with these ancient creatures all over the sector. (LINK and LINK) They are awakening.  The conspiracy is inexorably driving cataclysmic events to this time and place...


Out of all of the worlds in the galaxy, why here?

Because when you want to really hide something, hide it in plain sight.

The whole sector has heard of Toolenay's famous "Waterfall in the Sky", right?
Popular history says that this marvel was constructed as a monument to Toolenay's scientific prowess. A singular achievement in anti-gravity and teleportation technology on display for the whole galaxy to see.

It's a lie.

Nobody remembers this, but two centuries ago, the waterfall's creators named it, "The Eternity Shrine", because the Shrine isn't powered by their science, it's powered by the third Eternity Stone. 
The "Masters" are here.
The "favor" required from Niehoff and Quintilla? They have brought their stones here.

Rosa and the Astropath are standing sentinel in case the enemy moves.

 We need a plan.

The reason for the delay is the Eternity Shrine
First, I tried paper mache'

So then I bought a water pump and tried to build a fountain with actual running water.
Nope, again.  The problem with actual water is the water. Kept making a splashy mess during the test.
So back to paper mache'

I like the result, but I am slightly disappointed I couldn't get the real water to work. But heck, if we don't reach for the sky, we don't get better. 

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09 August 2014

Secret War VI: Loose Threads

Background to this game is in the previous post here: LINK
The Battle
A small team from 8 Ball Command of Maj. Guiscard, Sub-Ambassador Tigh, and Specialist Bont land on the westernmost island of the Mondly Research Institute. Bont immediately accesses the nearby Telemetry Sensor and downloads the test data.
Guiscard spots the Researcher (Dr. Woiler) and her bodyguard on the east island and takes a peoplepod over.
However, Baroness Niehoff and the Nazis observe the activity from the next island. 
They have been waiting to see if there was a security team was waiting in ambush, and since the new arrivals haven't tripped any alarms, they spring into action.
The Autom plugs into the terminal and enters the datanet. The file appears as an ancient tome within an energy field. (Okay, I KNOW. You are judgementally thinking, "Computer interfaces with Computer, why would there be any cyberpunk imagery?"  Shut up. It was supposed to be people, and it would have looked cool... ...moving on...)

And the Baroness sneaks unseen over to the west island...
Guiscard is successful in convincing the Researcher to help them.  As it turns out, she already had serious misgivings about the new artifacts and the mysterious benefactors that brought them.
However, the game is afoot, and spotting the Baroness just before it's too late, the Major warns Sub-Ambassador Tigh.
Tigh turns, just as the Baroness attacks!
Bont (getting out of the way of wrestlemainia) moves over to the middle to try for the second terminal, and ends up delayed by having to explain himself to Patrolman Jones
... so the Nazi Autom proceeds unopposed to the file, and extracts it on the first try.

The Baroness drives Tigh off the edge of the building, and the Nazi officer opens fire!
Tigh is bleeding, but not out...
In the chaos, the Baroness orders the Nazi Autom back to the safehouse with the file.
Guiscard takes shelter on the roof of the lab and exchanges fire with the Baroness and the Nazi Officer. None of the combatants suffer any serious wounds, but it does take some of the pressure off of Tigh.
Officer Jones has been on the radio for backup and a SWAT team is on the way.  Both sides decide it's time to quit the field and withdraw.

The Nazi agents got the main file, but 8 Ball came away with some experimental telemetry data and the Researcher. 

Soon 8 Ball Command and their new allies are aboard the KCS Helena going over all the facts and trying to piece them together. The Dr. Woiler explains that in addition to the anti-grav technology, they were given an object of unknown purpose, and told to simply "investigate".  The object was ancient, and emitted a low frequency energy. What does it all mean?

Epilogue (2 days later)
The Comms station on the KCS Helena comes alive. The Passereaux has jumped into the Toolenay system with Inquisitor Verhoeven and Agent Sophie onboard. Coming on at full thrust, their initial message is dire, their adventures on Krellborne IX (chronicled here: LINK) have exposed a danger that is bigger than anyone has suspected.
"It's worse than you think. Be ready for anything.
Inquisitor Verhoeven and KCS Passereaux Out"

Next Episode,
Secret War VII: Convergence
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