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at Home and On Campaign

30 March 2016

Rise of Tyranny Campaign: Week 3

Field HQ, Imperial Intervention Force
Taxation District 3, Telebrainia

With the arrival of the reinforcement convoy, Imperial fortunes, if not good, are at least better than disastrous.  Imperial Field Commanders are encouraged by the recapturing of several territories, and the liberation of Telebrainia.  The Reich troops on Sibuka and Malathorne are cut off (or the Imperials on Telebrainia are surrounded, depending on your point of view), and now the Commanders discuss their next move…

Imperial Sub-Ambassador Sulla Tigh
As you can see, we have driven a wedge between Sibuka and the Reich’s starting point on Xochoi.  They didn’t plan for our reinforcements to arrive so quickly, but now we have shown our hand. If we want to maintain our momentum, we must continue our attack.

General Onarisco
Surprise has been over for weeks, do we know why they are continuing to be so battleworthy?

SA Tigh
There are rumors that the Reich has somehow acquired a Titan.  The sources are not credible, but our intelligence efforts are continuing. 

For now, we hold the decisive link in the chain. We will coordinate our efforts and attempt to liberate Sibuka launching form Telebrainia and consolidate our gains on Malathorne.

Generals, return to your units…
May victory come to you
Significant Data Points
Aidan Perdron, Grey Knights – won an engagement on Telebrainia
During the fight he captured a Mastercrafted Plasma Pistol from a fallen enemy Officer
Fatrius Werro, Dark Angels – has fought 2 engagements against Chaos Marines, he certainly would classify as an expert against these foes as his “Preferred Enemy”
Fritz Von Jaegar – victorious against a Space Marine force, he seems impervious to harm. He gains +1 to his FNP save
There were an unprecedented number of battles fought over Telebrainia.  The urban portions of the planet are devastated and the native Telebrainians have retreated to hide in the remote areas like refugees. As the lychpin to the Imperial strategy (such as there is one), heavy fighting is expected to continue
As far as the preposterous rumors of the existence of an enemy Titan, Aidan Perdron is leading a team to confirm this as a complete fabrication.  We will update as required.

Thanks to everyone for continuing the fight!

We will continue the open part of the Campaign for 2 weeks after this, so 5 weeks total.  The last day of fighting will be April 16th. After that, I will post “endgame” scenarios based on the results so far to close out the whole shebang.

Thursday, I will post the new Scenario… “Lord of the Battlefield”

Big Reveal coming this week….

23 March 2016

"Rise of Tyranny" Campaign: Week 2

Imperial reinforcement convoy, on-board the commandeered commercial bulk transport "Scutapi Star"

Improvised briefing room, compartment, 10 Forward...

Imperial Operations Officer, Commander Linus Palitar
The map on the screen tells the story.  Governor and Sub-Ambassador, I cannot imagine the situation as being much worse. We are in retreat on almost all fronts, and the whole Rentlaw Sub-Sector is descending into chaos.

Sirs, if you follow our analysis, listed below are individual actions of note:

Significant Data Points 

The one piece of unqualified good new is that there is a new Space Marine force inbound to the battlespace:
Vlad The Polar
Wolf Lord of the Space Bears
Warlord trait: Tenacity: Your Warlord has the Feel No Pain special rule

We have a profile worked up for the enemy commander on Sibuka. As of our recent reports, he is in control of 2/3 of the planet:

Fritz Von Jaegar
Was once one of the craziest leaders during WW2 he ruled with fear and death.  No Germans would think twice crossing his path or doubting his rule and order.  During Germans push to get all there forces they could through the portal, Fritz Von Jaegar was injured with life threatening injury's.  He then pushed himself to make it through the portal and meet up with the rest of the Army.  Chaos powers had a different path for Fritz and some of his army.  In there surprise they ended up meeting some of the chaos followers and they took Him and his army and questioned them and tortured them. 
Fritz Von Jaegar was the last to be tortured.  His injures where infected and his life span was and a bleak end.  They tortured him for 3 weeks and 4 days.  The Chaos followers seen him hold on to life despite his injury's but saw the damage they did to his mind.  They then decided to encased him in a dreadnought body and give him a new nickname.  One that would make the sound of his name instill fear into his enemy's.   
DreadKlaw the Krazy.

Warlord trait    Saga of the Bear.    Warlord and unit have FNP 6+

Special rules:
 Furious Charge
 It Will Not Die


Next, we have an AAR intercepted from the feared Reich Kommander Schwarbar.  Malathorne has completely fallen to the enemy. Details of the action on the Fullush Mountains are found in the original source material here: 

Aidan Perdron was wounded and the Grey Knights were forced to withdraw trying to stop a raiding Ork force. The marauders were led by a warboss calling himself "Kommisar Yardstikk". Whether this is the same "Yardstikk" that plagued the sector 3 years ago, or a simple copycat is unknown at this time. We will follow his moves closely.

Lastly, an Imperial Guard Regiment withdrew in good order after inflicting heavy casualties against another band of unidentified raiders, that seem to be trying to take advantage of the current situation.

Thank-you for your time Sirs.  We will resume our planning and call for another briefing when needed.

Welcome to outr new reader: Chris Wroblewski!

Please go visit the awesome "If It Wasn't for Ones" blog for his exciting Batrep:

Thanks to all the contributors.  Keep 'em coming!
Three more weeks! (IF the Imperials can fight back!)

17 March 2016

Rise of Tyranny Campaign: Opening Week 1

Travis Point, New Cypress, Capital City of the Kingdom of Colores
Strategic HQ, War Room

Briefing Officer, Major Guiscard
Unless you have anything you can share from Imperial sources, the current situation in the Rentlaw Sub-Sector looks like this.
Units in RED are either known Reich units or proxies not of Reich origin. Some seem to be completely independent, and some seem to be acting knowingly or unknowingly to further the Reich agenda.

In summary, we are in retreat everywhere. The situation is analogous to the situation in the Pacific in WWII immediately following the "Battle of Pearl Harbor".  Our enemy seems to be everywhere, and it's clear his plans have been in the works for a long time.  

Reinforcements are on the way, precious few from the Empire itself, but more from allies. We need more information before prioitites can be made for where these reinforcements should be employed. I suggest we get a Command ship in Rentlaw with appropriate personnel so decisions can be made in a timely manner.

In other words Major, you are politely asking me to get my elderly ass in gear, and get over there.

Maj. Guiscard
Yes, politely…sir

Sub-Ambassador Tigh
Your wife is not going to be happy, Governor

Smithers! More Whiskey!

NAMED COMMANDERS (To this point)

Imperial and Allies
Aidan Perdron, Grey Knights
Fatrius Werro, Dark Angels

Reich and Allies

Kommander Schwarbar

Hello Readers!
Tomorrow begins the official start of the "Rise of Tyranny" Campaign!

Don't forget to submit the battle results of your games, and don't hesitate to send me any background and / or narrative material.  It will all  be published.

Speaking of published, there are 2 places on the web that will be (and have already been) posting additional battle reports and background:
First, from overseas, is the excellent "if it wasn't for ones" blog that already has a preliminary battle report up:

ALSO, there is the excellent "Feel No Pain" (FNP) Gamers Club site with video battle reports and commentary:

And the store where FNP plays their games usually posts photos of games on their EXCELLENT terrain:

Lastly, each week I will offer a special scenario for participants to play.  The scenario will reflect the theme of the campaign. The scenarios are located in the tabs at the top of the blog, you will notice a new on called "Campaign Scenarios". Using the scenario is voluntary, but for everyone who does, I promise more items (both good and bad) to add to your Leader's game stats

10 March 2016

Rise of Tyranny Campaign: Getting the Picture

Opening Situation
Task Force Omega has been transiting Sector Six. Briefly emerging from the warp to acquire navigational data, the Task Force has received multiple PRIORITY ONE calls from Imperial Intelligence Agents requesting immediate recovery.

The Task Force immediately dispersed through the Rentlaw system to recover as many agents as possible. After a week of scrambling and fighting against hostile forces, a picture of a Sub-Sector in turmoil has emerged.  As reports continue to come in a few facts are clear:

1. This is not just a “binary” conflict, there are several factions in play.  A human faction called “The 4th Reich” has exploded into open warfare, additionally, because of Imperial garrison drawdowns, many other political threats to Imperial security have independently decided that this is the moment to act.

2.  No Agents were recovered from Xochoi. It seems the entire planet has been lost from Imperial control

3. From information collected by Agents recovered from Malathorne and Eleteema it is clear that the Reich has opened this war on several fronts as well as inciting other factions to distract from this main threat

4. Pending further intelligence reports, the strategic picture looks like this:

Individual Actions of Note:

An intercepted transmission from Malathorne

+++++++++ Code name Schwarzbar ++++++++
At 09.00 hours standard time on 5Nes301 at grid location f56/k38 on Malathorne the forces of the 4th Reich engaged the Imperial forces who were trying to extract an Imperial agent, who it is believed had information that could be harmful to the Reich's invasion plans for the sector.
It is with great pride that I report to you Obergruppenfuhter that the forces of the Reich conducted their duties to the high standards that is expected of them & was victorious in its objective of preventing the enemy from completing their mission.

Schwarzbar out.
During the action, a photo of (who analysts believe) was Schwarzbar was taken

An AAR with the Grey Knights Commander, Aidan Perdron, reports that Imperial Intelligence Officer Titus Varro was rescued on Batatampi.  Lt. Varro provided timely intelligence on the Reich’s plans, and it is believed the Reich aborted their local mission. Commander Adian was severely wounded in the action.

Dark Angels Strike Force Commander, Fatrius Werro, successfully recovered 2 Agents and inflicted heavy casualties among both 4th Reich forces as well as a second group of insurgents of unknown origin.

Hi Readers,
Just over a week before the Campaign opens! Next Friday, March 18th.
I'll probably have one more map update before then, and I will have a bonus scenario posted March 17th.

Thanks to Frank for the remote update and detail!

Any character/army/battle details submitted will be posted!

Lastly, a big welcome to our 2 new Sector Six readers:
airbornegrove26 and TJ