at Home and On Campaign

at Home and On Campaign

23 December 2016

Death and Carnage at the Bulow Tank Factory (a Heartwarming Christmas Story)

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and on the edge of space in Sector Six
The soldiers of Eight Ball Command were up to their old tricks

Intelligence had found a factory where Space Nazi’s were building machines
And although they had a lot of security, Eight Ball crept in unseen

“Mark the radars and other air defenses!” ordered Major Guiscard, his voice full of wrath
“The ‘Shelly’s inbound, and her strike planes will need a clear path!”

Above, the Shelly’s navigator transitioned the giant ship from warp into perfect position
She hung in geosynchronous orbit, her pilots eager to launch for the mission

The Shelly’s Captain barked, “Go for the mission, for the Shelly’s main guns, we are too high!”
The fighters and bombers screamed away from the ship and down from the sky

“Merry F’ing Christmas!” yelled a pilot as his first missile was away
Smashing the Anti Air defenses marked by Eight Ball was the opening play

Next came the bombers, unleashing apocalyptic death, destruction, and disorder
Their bombs tattooed with insults, curses, and derisive comments about your mother

as quick as they came, victorious in this bout
it was back to the Shelly, and then the Shelly warped out

On the ground, the explosions went on, the factory completely burned
“Mission Success, installation destroyed” Major Guiscard confirmed

But then… there was a miraculous change, laughter after the furious fray
All of the toppled soldiers were stood up, all polyester smoke and fire was lifted away

Mirth and good cheer was all you could hear, as the soldiers were placed back to the beginning
“It was your dice” “It was your face” the players bantered about the real reason for winning

The players went home, dreaming of victory or plotting revenge right through
Hurry back dear players, your toy soldiers stand ready
 …and they may start without you

from the Governor General and Family
(pic from Royal Archives, "Princess Sophie's 4th Annual Holiday Ball")

21 December 2016

"Wellllll..... Johnny Ace...

Spun the Chamber of His Cowboy Gun!"
- Opening line of "Johnny Ace" by Dash Rip Rock from the "Ace of Spades" album

Johnny Ace is a notorious data thief for hire in Sector Six. He's pretty handy with a gun as well. Rumor has it that there are new Imperial Officials arriving in the Sector.  Might be some opportunities there...


Just a short post today. The model is the "not FIN" from Hasslefree with a headswap with the "not Nick Fury" from Crossover.  I was originally thinking of him as just a gun for hire or a bodyguard, but the satchel on his right hip suggests a lot of gear.

Welcome to our new reader in Sector Six:

07 December 2016

Special Diplomatic Investigators

For such a completely worthless backwater, Sector Six is causing the Empire major problems. It strains credulity, but it seems that an official Imperial Survey briefly mentions this place actually exists (very briefly, in passing, and as an aside in the 114th section of the appendix to the “4,031st Analysis of the Enduring Long Term Price Stability of Low Quality Common Metal Reserves, Non-Strategic”). 

It gets worse: the mention was NOT edited out in the final draft before being forwarded all the way to Imperial Prime.

That sort of outrageous disruption of bureaucratic process is guaranteed to trigger an explosion of exception forms and new reports and the commission of a committee to investigate the need for an investigation.

Meet the Special Diplomatic Investigators

The Naval Liaison Officer is from Games Workshop, and the Contessa is one of the fantastic Colony 87 sculpts

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