"Wellllll..... Johnny Ace...

Spun the Chamber of His Cowboy Gun!"
- Opening line of "Johnny Ace" by Dash Rip Rock from the "Ace of Spades" album

Johnny Ace is a notorious data thief for hire in Sector Six. He's pretty handy with a gun as well. Rumor has it that there are new Imperial Officials arriving in the Sector.  Might be some opportunities there...


Just a short post today. The model is the "not FIN" from Hasslefree with a headswap with the "not Nick Fury" from Crossover.  I was originally thinking of him as just a gun for hire or a bodyguard, but the satchel on his right hip suggests a lot of gear.

Welcome to our new reader in Sector Six:


  1. Wow, I was tempted when I saw it at Hasslefree, but now I think I've made a decision :P

    1. It's a great model, but I was not overwhelmed by the head.
      Fixed it


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