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at Home and On Campaign

25 September 2013

On the Hunt, Part II: Sachines Landing Field

In the last chapter, link, the Kingdom of Colores' most elite special operations team, "8 Ball Command" was making a sweep of an abandoned Imperial maintenance facility when they were attacked by a team of Reich's operatives.  The Nazi's made off with a jump core and some moderately valuable technical data. But 8 Ball managed to capture Cpl. Hesse. He gave up the coordinates of the Reich's hidden shuttle and compromised their original plan to get off planet. The fallback option is to go undercover and ex-filtrate with commercial traffic at Sachine’s Landing Field.

8 Ball Command is to deploy and intercept the Agents.

The Agents of the Reich will not be a faction, but the objectives for this scenario.  The opposition to 8 Ball is a team of Gis Freedom Fighters.  The Gis are an artificially created race originally designed for combat and harsh environments. They are always interested in encounters with creatures that are genetically modified.  A Reich’s Assassin would be a huge catch. 
As a pre-scenario event, the Gis have bribed the foreman of the cargo area. It will be empty of people, and weapons may be used as normal.  Conversely, in the passenger terminal, if any firearms are used or any challenge to capture Col. Paulus fails, alarms will sound and 1-3 Security Teams (Gangs) will exit the Terminal through the main doors each turn. The Security Teams will move toward and open fire on the closest Agent when activated.  They are treated as a 3rd league, but can never gain the initiative.

By the Passenger Terminal, Maj Guiscard and Dr. Xaden spot the disguised Col. Paulus at the ticket desk.  They cautiously move in.
In the Cargo Area, the other members of 8 Ball discover they are not alone. Three members of the Gis Freedom Front and a hired driver are busily moving a truck into position to steal the Reich's Assassin cryo-sleep casket.
Whatever the Gis may have originally planned, the presence of 8 Ball provokes a furious fire fight.
 Sgt. Mannesman and the Gis Sidekick Tomaries square off..
 Back at the Passenger Terminal, Dr. Xaden makes her move...

 ...and botches it! Maj Guiscard quickly moves in and takes the agent into custody, but the whole place erupts in alarm.
Dr. Xaden tells Guiscard to make a break for it and she will try to slow the security troops down. She gets a couple with gas grenades, but there is no way it will be enough...
 Back in the Freight Yard the fight is in full fury...
Dr. Xaden goes down, but the Major makes good his escape into the maze of the Sachines settlement.
Followed closely by the Gis in the stolen truck.
Another time Human...
Same to you...
This was a very fun game.  The idea was to keep a section of the scenario as a "social" environment, but well the best laid plans, and on turn 2 that went south in a hurry.  In the end, 8 Ball had Col Paulus, but Dr. Xaden was in the hands of the Sachines authorities and her condition was unknown. 
Both sides came out with the Plot Point most important to them.  The Gis had the Reich's Assassin and 8 Ball captured Col Paulus and the jump core. 8 Ball came out just 1 Plot Point ahead of the Gis.
There are 2 follow up storylines from these mission:
1. Top Prioirty for the Team is to recover Dr. Xaden
2. Col. Paulus is high enough up the command chain to know the location of the hidden Nazi enclaves.  If he can be compelled to reveal a location, 8 Ball will have the mission of reconnaissance to plan the attack.
I would like to welcome our 20th follower, Torbjörn Sarchosuchus!

05 September 2013

8 Ball Command: The Hunt Begins

Hi All,
First, I would like to welcome the newest scholars researching the niche field of "Conflicts in Sector Six", Rob Hingley and Maj. Diz Aster.  I think 19 followers puts us past the number of people studying "Ivy League Grad School Attendess from LSU", so we have that going for us....

I like a narrative format for my AAR's so I don't usually include any hints about which rules I am using. However, I make an exception for a new set that I am trying out.  This time, it's "Pulp Alley". This little game is a whole lot of fun.  The report will include some references, but be light on rules details. I am glad to answer questions in the comments section.

Last Episode, the Governor General received a list of recently abandoned Imperial facilities.  After consulting with his intelligence staff, a small anchorage on the planet Sachines looked like the most likely target to have some valuable hardware, but most importantly, that very fact would be bait to draw in forces of the 4th Reich.

8 Ball Command is dispatched with the following objectives:
1. Recover any valuable Imperial technology
2. Stop the Reich from doing the same
3. If forces of the Reich are present, acquire information on their hidden enclaves by any means necessary

8 Ball Command consists of:
Maj Guiscard (Leader)
Sgt. Mannesman (Sidekick, Close Combat emphasis)
EW Specialist Bont (Ally) and his Drone (Follower)
Dr. Xaden (Ally, no Shoot, 3d6 Finesse & Cunning)
Sgt. Q'Taupa (Ally Shooter, alien Gis)
Cpl. Alkemade (Ally Shooter)
Ordaxe, Native Contact (Follower)
Arriving at the site on Sachines just ahead of 8 Ball, is BlitzGruppe 66:
Gruppe Commander Paulus (Leader)
Reichs Assassin Ratchine (Sidekick, no shoot, 5d8 Brawl)
Cpl. Hesse (Follower)
3 Squads of Terror Bots (Gangs)
The orbital scans show a jump core is on site, (major plot point) and clearly the Imperials left in a hurry, there are data drops and inventory lists for the entire sector (minor plot points) available. Capturing one of the 3 humans on the Nazi side is an opportunity (minor plot point) for 8 Ball.
Before anyone even moves, Sgt. Q'Taupa is taken out by a long range shot (Unseen Peril).
The BlitzGruppe rushes forward to control as much of the field as possible while 8 Ball advances at a more deliberate pace to shoot up the Terror Bots.
On the right Dr. Xaden and Spec. Bont have an Imperial dataport right in front of them. She quickly hacks into the net while he hoses down the approaching bots and they move forward.
In the center, the Reich Assassin grabs the Jump Core and dodges every shot 8 Ball can put on him.
Halfway through the battle, 8 Ball has shot down almost every single bot, but for the BlitzGruppe, that just means the bots are doing their job. Even with the Maj and Sgt Mannesman in hot pursuit, the Assassin still manages to escape with the Jump Core.
In a furious firefight, Specialist Bont takes out the remaining terror bots and wounds Cpl. Hesse. Dr. Xaden runs through the exchange to keep Hesse from bleeding out.
Gruppe Commader Paulus and Reichs Assassin Ratchine escape with data and the precious Jump Core winning the scenario. But, 8 Ball has some data of their own AND a live prisoner who soon divulges the existence of the "Haussen Arcologie".  This is the very first clue in finding a hidden 4th Reich Enclave.

The hunt begins...

03 September 2013

Time for a Celebration

Dr. Da'Ourii has been successfully recovered from Ocrade, and as a grand welcome, the Governor General's wife, Lady Melinde, has prepared a formal ball.

Da'Ourii arrives at the Governor General's Estate...
Typical of her delightful nature, Princess Sophie has researched and practiced the native dances of the Rhodians.  Da'Ourii cuts a fine rug among the other guests.

Meanwhile, in a secure corner of the Ballroom...
 Imperial Sub-Ambassador Sulla Tigh lays out the new reality of Imperial policy in the sector.
"For the forseeable future, the Empire will not support anything more than a token force here.  There are troubles with the Rhodians where our borders meet, and the Emperor is rumored to be very ill.  The succession is not yet clearly defined.  In short, the Imperial Government has bigger fish to fry. Now that responsibility for peace in this sector falls to you local "powers" such as you are, I am pretty sure this whole place is doomed."

Maj Guiscard: "You are a guest at the Governor's Ball, try to be condencing instead of outright insulting."

Tigh held an icy stare on Guiscard before continuing: "Here is a list of Imperial facilities that are being abandoned and mothballed.  His Imperial Majesty marginally prefers any salvage to be collected by you than the Nazis."

Maj. Guiscard: "Soooo, now you need our help?"

SA Tigh: "I do not need anything, Major. I am a resident of these benighted parts and am trying to be productive with the low quality tools at hand."

Maj. Guiscard: "Dueling is legal here you bombastic..."

GovGen: "Gentlemen, as it has been said, this is a party in my home.  Sub-Ambassador Tigh, we thank you for the list. Calm yourselves, and let us go converse with the wonderful variety of guests. Major, please meet me in the Library."
GovGen.: "Anything useful on the list?"

Maj. Guiscard: "Well, it matches the one we stole off Ocrade.  So at least we have confirmation.  The best target is on Sachines.  It's a smaller repair anchorage, but there may be some intact jump engine cores if we are lucky."

GovGen: "Is '8 Ball' ready to go?" Guiscard nods.
"Well, on your way then."