at Home and On Campaign

at Home and On Campaign

28 January 2013

Naval Operations Commence

This Friday saw the release of THW "Star Navy".  I bought and read the rules on Friday night, had a question or two, but I got an answer very quickly Saturday morning from both Desert Scribe of Super Galactic Dreadnought and Ed from THW  and away I went...

I only used one house rule.  I am a "hex" guy, so I pulled out the Battleship map as you can see below.  1 hex= 1"
The Star Navy of the Kingdom of Colores (KC) has really been considered a joke up to this point in the timeline.  When first established in 1951, KC did not have a single ship that could be considered military. The various colonies of the KC contracted with  free company ships for troop movements and cover for any actual combat actions.  The next stage of development was lease and/or purchase of ships flagged as their own.  These original ships were worn out, obsolete, cast-offs that were barely space worthy.  Plus, they needed large numbers of alien contract personnel to even navigate out of port.  The appearance of any real warship sent the Royal Squadrons fleeing.

Finally, after decades of development, the Colores ships feel ready to contest the skies.

Imperial ships have long flouted KC local space during transit by jumping in and making a dry pass at the closest ship or installation, then jumping out, mocking the very idea of sovereignty.  Imperial Captains consider it a kind of sport. It serves as a warning and as intimidation to the smaller states in Sector Six.

Today would be different.
The 14th KC Squadron consisting of 2 Heavy Cruisers and a Destroyer are patrolling the edge of KC territorial space when they ping a new contact.
An Imperial Heavy Cruiser has jumped in. She immediately begins a hard burn straight for the patrol.
The Imperial ship as usual ignored all warnings. In the past, Colores ships kept their weapons powered down during these dry attack runs.  They had no choice, Imperial naval units were so far advanced that active resistance would achieve nothing except their destruction.  This time however, the guns were powered up.
As they close on the firing run, the Colores destroyer strikes with a missile hit, and the Imperial Cruiser veers off...
...then strikes back with a full broadside.  Streaming atmosphere and with several systems down, the Destroyer's Captain decides not to push his luck, gives the order to jump, and is gone from the fight.
But the destroyer's contribution is significant.  The Imperial Cruiser lost some shield capability and the volleys from the KC ships get through.
"Jump!" and the Imperial Cruiser is gone from KC space, heavily damaged and with many crew casualties.  She survived the jump, but will be out of action for at least 2 months.


I used all the charts and mechanics for setting up, fighting, and for "after the battle".  I found the rules to be clear, quick, and nicely narrative oriented.

I am not without reservations about these rules, but I don't think it would be fair to comment until I am more familiar with them.  I will say that this is a very different approach than I have seen before, and that reinforces my view that I need to play more. My first impression was that it was easy and fun, and we will see about the rest.

24 January 2013

Breaking the Siege of New Cypress

Siege maybe overstating the case, more of an economic blockade really.  In any event, the GovGen has rejected the Trading League of Timtai's demands of territorial and economic concessions and has secured the services of the Darderi Dragons.


Not a big outfit, but crucially equipped with grav tanks.  Also, they agreed to a short contract involving offensive action at a prorated rate.  Just what the situation needed.

Below is a Darderi tank waiting under cover before the order to advance.

The attack was supported by elements of the US Marines 1st Star Infantry.
Artillery and EW support was provided by the Kingdom of Colores' own 23rd Foreign Auxiliary Cav
  The Trading League of Timtai is a Rhodian backed colony. Most of their equipment is third line refurbished from the Rhodani Star Nation. It is more advanced than what native Earthling forces can bring to the battlefield, but that is not saying much.  This level of equipment is very commonly found among the petty colony/states in Sector Six.

The battle opened with the Darderi tanks striking across the open fields on the right.
and the Marines advancing through the dense elevations on the left

Tank Attack!

Close and Destroy

Lt. Johnson of the Marines leads the way

Darderi tanks reform for the pursuit

It was a glorious victory for the Kingdom of Colores and her US allies.  Thanks in a large part to the Darderi, the enemy was put to flight and the "siege" was over.  Royal forces are in pursuit and are expected to be on the border of League territory within a few days.  No word yet on whether there will be a general truce or the conflict will continue.

-Governor General of Sector Six

21 January 2013

Johnny Foreigner

Scarcely had the Governor General broken orbit from Rosenberg when he was exchanging communiques with representatives of the mercenaries guild and various banking factors.  A fast moving deal was made, and it wouldn't be just the Kingdom's own forces fighting in the upcoming breakout.  “Johnny Foreigner” may just be enough to tip the scales.  Word is, the handshake came as the jump engines were spooling up.

13 January 2013

The Defense of Rosenberg

The contacts were intercepted and brought to battle at 1700 at the Rosenberg #3 Powerplant.  The terrain was generally open with a few wooded areas from the direction of attack.  Recon from the fleet identified transport ships in the system, and the good news was that the enemy was known to us. The bad news was that the enemy was from the Steiner Enclave. The Steiner Enclave is one of the larger political entities that claims territory in Sector Six, it is solidly within the Imperial sphere of influence, and it includes a large number of descendants of the Nazi refugees that fled western forces into this part of the galaxy.  Their hostility added to the equipment and training the Steiner military could bring to bear would make for a very tough combat. 

There would be no orbital support as the Reaction Task Force ships would be chasing the Steiner naval units around the system. As soon as the landers hit the field, units were rushed from Rosenberg's primitive landing field to the combat area.

 The main defense positions were anchored by a heavy weapons placed in the power plant itself.
 Infantry deployed to cover on the flanks.
 The Steiner force opened with tanks on the left, supporting the main attack...
...from a company of infantry on the right.  The Steiner assault force was hammered by the heavy weapons battery and the AA unit as they closed the distance.
 As the frontal attack faltered, a unit of commandos was dropped in behind the plant and attacked from the rear.  Overall, the hasty defense was too much for the Steiners to overcome.
 A small remnant of the Assault company actually reached the building before going down in a hail of fire.
Prisoners from the action possessed no knowledge of any larger plans or mobilization for war by the Steiner Enclave.  Currently, Kingdom forces are in pursuit of the remaining Stieners, but there is little hope of catching them.  Their units typically have faster mobility and past encounters have yielded little results beyond the immediate success of battle.

There will be no rest for the Kingdom's Task Force, as there have already been new developments in the siege of New Cypress, and  apparently the long awaited reinforcements of Aerospace fighter craft are inbound.

"Opportunities await Pvt Jackson! Get the troops re-embarked!"
"Yes, Sir"
"...and do not forget to load the purchases for my wife!"
"Ummm...well, the rush, the battle.."
"Good God Man! Get your priorities straight. Saving the colony was good and all, but unless those packages reach the manor we're done for!"

11 January 2013


Unknown Contacts have been detected near the Rosenberg settlement colony. Scramble the shuttles, get the troops embarked, ready the Task Force and get them outbound for intercept.  Time to contact estimated at 26 hours.

"Pvt Jackson! Make sure my dinner jacket and wet bar are onboard!"
"Oh, and get a shopping list from my wife!"
-Governor General of Sector Six

07 January 2013

Change Of Base

Due to recent economic growth and military success, the long planned relocation of the Governor General and his wife and family is finally underway.  Pictured above is the old residence on Hearthstone Colony.  The new residence is located on the besieged colony of New Cypress.  According to the GovGen's Public Affairs Office the move is being made for two reasons:
1. It will reinforce the public's perception that the GovGen's objective to relieve the siege of New Cypress is very close to completion.
2. New Cypress is more centrally located in the Earthling colonies of the Kingdom of Colores enabling better command of the active military operations against any continuing threats.

Off the record, sources close to the Governor General's Wife told this news agency that it was all about New Cypress' very close proximity to the Waller Market Nexus.

Gov Gen's Counter-Attack Fails

As the family is in the middle of a house move, the main table was unavailable.  So the M44 board and some old MechWarrior models got a workout.  The Governor General attempted to push out from one of his hard pressed settlements and drive Imperial forces back.  In the end, the attack failed and New Cypress remains under siege.

04 January 2013

What? Where? Who? How? Why?

Sector Six is the playground for all the battles and campaigns that will be listed here.  It lies a few hundred light years coreward of Earth (the exact stellar coordinates are classified) and comprises 147 subsectors and approximately 500 star systems. It is a dangerous area, sitting on the frontier of 2 major empires, with a plethora of smaller powers, client states, extra-national corporate settlements, pirate kingdoms, exotic life forms and 189 earthlike planets.

How Earthlings came to this part of the galaxy is an all too familiar tale of fortunate experimental accident followed by the propensity of humanity's politicians to squander any possibility of a great leap forward.  In short, we never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.  Now, the Governor General of Sector Six presides over a handfull of Earthling settlements clinging to a few planets and trying to stay under the radar of their more powerful, more technologically advanced, and more voracious neighbors...

...which is just about all of them.

How did this come to pass?  What year is it?  Well, it is January 3rd, 2013, and how we got here is stranger than fiction....