at Home and On Campaign

at Home and On Campaign

04 January 2013

What? Where? Who? How? Why?

Sector Six is the playground for all the battles and campaigns that will be listed here.  It lies a few hundred light years coreward of Earth (the exact stellar coordinates are classified) and comprises 147 subsectors and approximately 500 star systems. It is a dangerous area, sitting on the frontier of 2 major empires, with a plethora of smaller powers, client states, extra-national corporate settlements, pirate kingdoms, exotic life forms and 189 earthlike planets.

How Earthlings came to this part of the galaxy is an all too familiar tale of fortunate experimental accident followed by the propensity of humanity's politicians to squander any possibility of a great leap forward.  In short, we never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.  Now, the Governor General of Sector Six presides over a handfull of Earthling settlements clinging to a few planets and trying to stay under the radar of their more powerful, more technologically advanced, and more voracious neighbors...

...which is just about all of them.

How did this come to pass?  What year is it?  Well, it is January 3rd, 2013, and how we got here is stranger than fiction....

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