at Home and On Campaign

at Home and On Campaign

25 October 2015

The Molling Incident, Ep. VII: The War Party

At 0600, the Honschu wardogs sniffed aggressively at the bits of Nazi uniforms in the hand of Kanni-Lok. He looked affectionately at his charges and spoke softly:
"Now, my children, check the path. As always, you are our eyes. Make sure none of the enemies of the Honschu are lying in wait. Go!"
Hoschu dogs do not bark, the most lethal predators run silent.  The pack broke swiftly into the jungle and disappeared like sharks through water.

Shortly after, the Allies' polyglot assault column began its march south to the attack positions.
With the main body are elements of:
Kingdom of Colores "Eight Ball" Team
Warriors from the "Three United Tribes" of Honschu (... their dogs & Carnosaur riders)
Merill's Marauders Battlesuit Company (Mercenary)
Colores 1/141st Artillery (Mortars)
...and Cochran's Independent Ranger Jump Company (Mercenary)

Waiting at the other end...

Kommander Schacklow and his Karmesin Soldiers with elements of the 166th Heavy Autom Regt and the 422nd Autom Infantry Regt. are preparing to defend the entrance to the enclave.
I have persistently been remiss in identifying the miniatures on my blog. Hopefully, this is the start of fixing that.

For the Alliance the figures are:
Games Workshop Kroot, Kroot Hounds, & Knarlocs
Crossover Minis Minions
Bombshell / Counterblast Drones
Cochran's Rangers are Sedition Wars humans, with Puppet's War Jump Packs

For the Reich:
Kommander Schacklow is a Reaper mini from their Chronoscope range
The Karmesin Soldiers are Games Workshop Imperial Guard with some OOP Chaos Apce Marine head swaps.  I have despaired of building any more of these guys, but I think Anvil Industries makes a helmet close enough that I may be able to build out a total force. (Woot!)

The Heavy Automs are Star Wars prepaints, the Telosian Tank Droids (I love these models!)
The Infantry Automs are Copplestone Future Wars Robots

I would like to welcome our 2 new readers:
Katsuhiko JiNNai and
Gordon Richard

Thanks for looking,

Next Up: Base Assault!

22 October 2015

New Guises for the Heroes 3, Sophie

Ambassador / Agent Sophie v2.0
For her official duties, Amb. Sophie’s attire is almost unchanged (on left). However, as the covert aspect of her role has grown, additional training and equipment has altered her “mission” load out radically. She wears a hardshell suit with an integral jump pack and an extensively augmented underlayer that is suitable for even airless environments. 

Her new weaponry was adopted after attending a circus on T’Gai and watching a Rhodian martial arts demonstration. She was drawn to the acrobatic and elegant  Rhodian kata of “Spinning Blades”, and immediately hired one of the demonstrators to train her. Presently, she wields a unique pair of scythes. The scythes have a powered cutting edge, and can be thrown, “piloted”, and retrieved from a distance. They are also used defensively to deflect projectiles. Already formidable as a diplomat, “Agent” Sophie is a ferocious combatant.

For the third figure, she is the beloved (read: absurdly spoiled) daughter of the Governor-General, and has obtained a new dress for this year's Holiday Ball (big obvious hint as to what's coming on the blog).

On an ending note, Amb. Sophie vociferously rejects any notion that she has been "spoiled". Upon reading a draft of this post, she emphatically responded:
"Really? because if I was spoiled, I'd have a Unicorn by now."

19 October 2015

New Guises for the Heroes 2, William

Master Builder William
An eclectic engineering genius. Master Builder William eschews the spotlight, but he is quietly one of the most prolific architects in the Kingdom of Colores.  Almost every major structure, from shipyards, to powerplants, defense installations and even the Governor-General’s Mansion at Travis Point have his design fingerprints on them.

I present my oldest. He doesn't really game, but, for a high functioning autistic kid, he has a vivid imagination. Currently, we share my gameroom. When I use it, the room is called, "the battle room". When he's in there, it's called the "Thompson Cat Construction Workshop" and it is filled with giant imaginary construction equipment for his company's endless massive projects. 
I have my imaginary world and he has his. Side by side. :)

16 October 2015

New Minis for the Kids...'er, I mean, New Guises for the Heroes!, Part 1, Robert

So I have 3 kids, and they all needed new figures to portray their alter-egos on the tabletop. (The precipitating tragedy is detailed in the previous post.) All 3 helped choose their miniatures, but any and all painting shortcomings are mine. First one up is my son Robert...

Commander Robert v2.0
Following his return from adventures on the Far Spinward rim of Sector Six, Commander Robert’s appearance and abilities have significantly changed.

From their time and experience together, Commander Robert and his dog, Apache now work so symbiotically that they behave as a single unit. He has discarded his heavy armor, relying instead on Apache’s preternatural senses and his own agility to dodge attacks. He can never be ambushed, and never counts as being attacked from behind.

The Cmdr is equipped with a .45, loaded with enhanced ammunition, carried on his hip. For close combat, he has acquired a fire ax and modified it with a molecular blade. (He became inspired after a nearly fatal encounter with an enemy in power armor.) It is a brutal cutting tool.

He has an easy demeanor, and he encourages a loose approach to personal equipment. Members of his team vary widely in appearance (as per his Ninja sidekick seen above). He has a talent for choosing very disparate individuals and melding their abilities into a cohesive team.
Next Up, Master Constructor William