New Guises for the Heroes 3, Sophie

Ambassador / Agent Sophie v2.0
For her official duties, Amb. Sophie’s attire is almost unchanged (on left). However, as the covert aspect of her role has grown, additional training and equipment has altered her “mission” load out radically. She wears a hardshell suit with an integral jump pack and an extensively augmented underlayer that is suitable for even airless environments. 

Her new weaponry was adopted after attending a circus on T’Gai and watching a Rhodian martial arts demonstration. She was drawn to the acrobatic and elegant  Rhodian kata of “Spinning Blades”, and immediately hired one of the demonstrators to train her. Presently, she wields a unique pair of scythes. The scythes have a powered cutting edge, and can be thrown, “piloted”, and retrieved from a distance. They are also used defensively to deflect projectiles. Already formidable as a diplomat, “Agent” Sophie is a ferocious combatant.

For the third figure, she is the beloved (read: absurdly spoiled) daughter of the Governor-General, and has obtained a new dress for this year's Holiday Ball (big obvious hint as to what's coming on the blog).

On an ending note, Amb. Sophie vociferously rejects any notion that she has been "spoiled". Upon reading a draft of this post, she emphatically responded:
"Really? because if I was spoiled, I'd have a Unicorn by now."


  1. I like how you are getting your kids evolved in your hobby.

  2. Great work - what are the figures? And I love the Ambassador's response!

  3. With a witty repertoire like that I want ambassador Sophie negotiating for my team.

  4. Great models Wil, & why is it that Daddy's girls always want a unicorn ? lol

  5. Thanks All,
    My kids are peripherally involved. My 2 younger ones will play every now and then to placate me, but they all certainly enjoy having their own little personas.

    So Preacher, I really do need to remember to credit my minis in the posts. It is a shortcoming of my blog. The one on the left is a "Superfig" from Old Glory with a headswap from "Bombshell". She is a very tall figure, so I modified the bottom, took the integral base off and changed her stance slightly so that her feet are flat on the ground. The middle figure is from Privateer Press, their new elves thing, whatever they're calling them. I had to remove the pointy ears. The last is another Old Glory from their Civil War range. A pack of 20 civilians going to an antebellum ball. She is one of the 10 belles (2 each of 5 different scuplts) and unmodified.

    Yes daveb, that sort of blithe assumption that her perception is objective reality comes in handy when establishing a baseline for compromise. When you start 75% in her favor....well

    Hi Frank, I' not really sure she even wants a Unicorn. I think she may just want the bragging rights. :)

    Thanks again guys!


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