at Home and On Campaign

at Home and On Campaign

19 November 2015

The Invitation

Laborde Household 
Lac Du Roi, New Cypress
(Home of Alden J. "Doc" Laborde VII, CEO of ODECO and family)

Gracianne Laborde (daughter of Alden & Lydie Laborde)
"Maman, Maman, it is here!"

Lydie Laborde
"Calmez-vous, mon petit, what is so important?"
Gracianne Laborde
"Don't tease me, Maman. The invitation to this year's Princess Ball!"

"Don't you remember the scandal last year?...."
"I hope this year is just as exciting! I cannot wait!"
Last year, my daughter and I played a game of Pulp Alley based on a giant Christmas Ball. It was a big hit with her (and it got some traction on this internets thing :) ).

So this year, Princess Sophie has invited the girls of the neighborhood, and we are having a Princess Holiday Ball Murder Mystery  / Party!

Six Girls in Princess Attire playing a miniatures game!
Oh, yes, there will be pictures. 


15 November 2015

The Recall

Klaendarii Base
Ophelian Imperial Subsector Capital
 Imperial Royal Courier Servitor 763-2w2
“Greetings Sub-Ambassador Sulla Tigh, I bear a message from the office of Grand Admiral Soelatte. Imperial Prime is in chaos.  There are some reports that indicate that The Most Holy God Emperor of the Ophelian Empire has passed. Whether this is true, or rather some plot by heretical disloyal factions is unclear. But it is a fact that the Ophelian Imperium is facing its greatest crisis since the founding. The Grand Admiral is issuing an emergency recall of the capital naval units across the entire frontier and of the units in this Sub-Sector specifically. These units will depart immediately and rendezvous on his banner. God save the Emperor."

Sub-Ambassador Sulla Tigh
"The 4th and 7th Battleship Squadrons are not currently provisioned for such a long journey and I am not even sure the Relentless would even make it."
Imperial Servitor
"Their orders have already been issued through the Naval chain of command.  You are being informed as courtesy simply requires. They will depart within 24 hours.  Couriers will be sent ahead for provisions to be ready at designated waypoints. These are the orders of the Grand Admiral."

Eighteen hours later, the ancient battlewagons ponderously separate from Klaendarii Base.
Sub-Ambassador Sulla Tigh
"That tears it. There is not a single Imperial capital vessel in all of the Sub-Sector.
Emperor save us all.
Prepare my ship. We have some very bad news to deliver to some very good friends."
So first, the episode credits:
Yes, the back wall of the Sub-Ambassador's audience chamber is the old paper terrain Space Marine landing pad from GW, from when they used to do cool atmospheric stuff like that.

The Imperial Base, Klaendarii is the old micro machine Bespin cloud city (it gets a whole lot of use as THE generic starbase for my games/blogposts.)  The 2 largest Imperial BB's are Republic Star Destroyers from the Star Wars minis game, but all the other ships are from Brigade Models. That crazy, sexy, cool, star field is the latest purchase approved by the Kingdom of Colores Procurement Department (i.e. the lovely Governess) from Deep Cut Studios. (Wow, it makes the minis pop!)

As far as our storyline goes, the Imperial Fleet has been keeping the peace in Sector Six for a millennia. For the first time in known history, the locals control their own destiny.
 ...and someone has made sure that the Colores fleet is halfway across the Sector in the Molling system. It's not a coincidence.

The Chinese curse is in full effect for the residents of Sector Six,
"May you live in interesting times"

Thanks for looking!

11 November 2015

The Molling Incident, Ep. VIII: Finale

Reich Base “Fuhrer’s Glory”, Interior North Continent, Molling
Karmesin Sturmtruppen Wulf
“That sure is a lot of Honschu, Kommander…”
Kommander Schacklow
“Good. We will kill many of them and many of their cursed Colores allies before today is through.
…and (the Kommander smiles) they will discover it was for nothing.
Is the evac ship ready?”

KS Wulf
“Yes Kommander, it can leave at a moment’s notice.”

Kmdr Schacklow
“Excellent. When I give the word, we break for the ship.  Anyone who is late gets left behind with the Automs and fights to the death, understood?”

KS Wulf
“Clearly Kommander”

The alliance (Honschu and Kingdom of Colores) war party has reached the jump off points for their assault on the Reich’s Base.  From experience in past encounters (see the “Haussen Campaign”) this Base protects a large civilian settlement hidden below. Once the base is breached the Reich will surrender.

Alliance Forces
3 Bands of Honschu Warriors led by Targeethilar (20 each)
1 Pack of Honschu Dogs (5)
2 Bands of Carnosaur Riders (3 each, with Sgt. Mannesmann joining them)
2 Platoons of Eight Ball Commandoes led by Lt. Philo
3 Platoons of Battlesuits (Armored as Light Tanks)
1 Platoon of Cochran’s Independent Jump Company
1 Section of 1/141st Artillery (Lt. Mortars)
1 Battery of Spaceborne Fire Support (KCS Elizabeth)

Alliance Objectives
1. Neutralize the Anti-Space Battery to allow fire support from the KCS Fleet
2. Capture the Reich’s Base and access to the Enclave below

Reich Defenders
3 Platoons of Infantry Automs (Elements of the 456th Autom Division)
2 Platoons of Heavy Automs (Immobile, Elements of the 456th Autom Division)
1 Anti-Space Battery (Immobile)
1 Platoon Karmesin Sturmtruppen (Elements of 52nd SS Regiment)
Kommander Schacklow

Reich Objectives
1. Hold the Base
2. Evac the human defenders via the Evac shuttle (Karmesin and Kmdr Schacklow)

The Battle
Honschu are descended from predatory avians.  They move silently, and unlike our human ancestors, their charge is not accompanied by a malicious battle cry.  By contrast, there is a collective silence as if the whole jungle is holding its breath. …and then they surge like the tide.

Kmdr Schacklow
“Hold the automs, wait until they are closer…”
The Reich’s firing line explodes …
The Honschu capture the Anti-Space Battery and clear the way for the KCS Elizabeth to lay fire on the Reich’s Base
The firefight is furious, and while the Reich’s attention is to the front, Cochran’s Rangers drop in behind
The Karmesin and Schacklow are totally surprised and take several casualties as they break for the Evac shuttle.
Kmdr Schacklow
“Curse you…curse you all!! You are nothing before the Reich, you do not even know what is coming!!!”
…and they barely make it out before the end.

Lt. Philo
“Major Guiscard, we are below the base, but the enclave is empty.  It looks like it was evacuated awhile ago.”
“Sir? Why would they even defend this place?”

Maj. Guiscard
“I guess…they wanted us here…so we wouldn’t be somewhere else”

So that brings an end to the Molling Incident.  A minor Victory for the Alliance.
1. The ships from Odeco Drilling have been rescued
2. The Nazi’s have been driven from Molling
3. A new Faction has been added to the Alliance (The Three United Tribes of Honschu)

1. Kommander Schacklow and his Karmesin Guard have escaped
2. There was only an evacuated enclave, so this was diversion?

Thanks for looking!
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