The Recall

Klaendarii Base
Ophelian Imperial Subsector Capital
 Imperial Royal Courier Servitor 763-2w2
“Greetings Sub-Ambassador Sulla Tigh, I bear a message from the office of Grand Admiral Soelatte. Imperial Prime is in chaos.  There are some reports that indicate that The Most Holy God Emperor of the Ophelian Empire has passed. Whether this is true, or rather some plot by heretical disloyal factions is unclear. But it is a fact that the Ophelian Imperium is facing its greatest crisis since the founding. The Grand Admiral is issuing an emergency recall of the capital naval units across the entire frontier and of the units in this Sub-Sector specifically. These units will depart immediately and rendezvous on his banner. God save the Emperor."

Sub-Ambassador Sulla Tigh
"The 4th and 7th Battleship Squadrons are not currently provisioned for such a long journey and I am not even sure the Relentless would even make it."
Imperial Servitor
"Their orders have already been issued through the Naval chain of command.  You are being informed as courtesy simply requires. They will depart within 24 hours.  Couriers will be sent ahead for provisions to be ready at designated waypoints. These are the orders of the Grand Admiral."

Eighteen hours later, the ancient battlewagons ponderously separate from Klaendarii Base.
Sub-Ambassador Sulla Tigh
"That tears it. There is not a single Imperial capital vessel in all of the Sub-Sector.
Emperor save us all.
Prepare my ship. We have some very bad news to deliver to some very good friends."
So first, the episode credits:
Yes, the back wall of the Sub-Ambassador's audience chamber is the old paper terrain Space Marine landing pad from GW, from when they used to do cool atmospheric stuff like that.

The Imperial Base, Klaendarii is the old micro machine Bespin cloud city (it gets a whole lot of use as THE generic starbase for my games/blogposts.)  The 2 largest Imperial BB's are Republic Star Destroyers from the Star Wars minis game, but all the other ships are from Brigade Models. That crazy, sexy, cool, star field is the latest purchase approved by the Kingdom of Colores Procurement Department (i.e. the lovely Governess) from Deep Cut Studios. (Wow, it makes the minis pop!)

As far as our storyline goes, the Imperial Fleet has been keeping the peace in Sector Six for a millennia. For the first time in known history, the locals control their own destiny.
 ...and someone has made sure that the Colores fleet is halfway across the Sector in the Molling system. It's not a coincidence.

The Chinese curse is in full effect for the residents of Sector Six,
"May you live in interesting times"

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  1. I smell trouble coming to Sector Six, I love the starbase & it's something I could do we getting myself as is the space gamingmat, but then Sector Six is much older then Tricol.

    On a different note Wil I think I might have an idea for leaving the Tricol system (kind of) I don't want to give anything away, but if your really interested in a cross over I've a plan I' like to go over with you.

  2. When the cats away, the mice will play. Things are about to heat up.

  3. Hi Frank,
    Drop me a line a wdpiii at yahoo email. (that would be, to fool the phishers :) )

    Hi Commissar,
    My gaming buddies are looking to get back to some very large scale battles, The skirmish stuff is going to take a back seat over the next couple of months.
    The garage workshop is running at full capacity!

  4. Looks quite interesting. Glad I'm not in sector six about now.


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