The Invitation

Laborde Household 
Lac Du Roi, New Cypress
(Home of Alden J. "Doc" Laborde VII, CEO of ODECO and family)

Gracianne Laborde (daughter of Alden & Lydie Laborde)
"Maman, Maman, it is here!"

Lydie Laborde
"Calmez-vous, mon petit, what is so important?"
Gracianne Laborde
"Don't tease me, Maman. The invitation to this year's Princess Ball!"

"Don't you remember the scandal last year?...."
"I hope this year is just as exciting! I cannot wait!"
Last year, my daughter and I played a game of Pulp Alley based on a giant Christmas Ball. It was a big hit with her (and it got some traction on this internets thing :) ).

So this year, Princess Sophie has invited the girls of the neighborhood, and we are having a Princess Holiday Ball Murder Mystery  / Party!

Six Girls in Princess Attire playing a miniatures game!
Oh, yes, there will be pictures. 



  1. My god! The event of the year. Those invites are better than gold....

  2. Nice! I hope you all have lots of I got "I got a golden ticket" from Charlie and the chocolate factor stuck in my head.

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  4. Murder on the dancefloor hey, I bet the butler did it lol, I love the way you put these things together Wil & I'm sure this one will be a grand affair.

  5. Sounds awesome! Hope they all have fun. Looking forward to the report.

  6. Why do I have a certain AC/DC song stuck in my head now? lol

    Oh by the way Major, I'm doing a (planning stage) Funny Little Wars Landships Vs The Martians game (with cook out) in Copperas Cove TX some time late spring early summer (dates to be worked out) using 54mm troops and such played outside in the back yard.
    Should be a hoot, your invited .....)

  7. Thanks All,

    Hi Frank,
    A Sophie Ellis-Bextor reference. Outstanding!

    Hi daveb and commissarmoody,
    Golden ticket indeed. Some of the invitees have little sisters that are mighty P.O.'ed that they didn't get one. We've had to re-organize the event so that the little sisters can come later and share the cupcakes. Plus, I've had to re-order more miniatures, because the plan was to let every girl leave with her playing piece. My next post about the Ball, I'll talk about it's set-up and plans. Plus a sneak peek at the mansion.

    Hi Don M,
    I keep thinking of the old Sweet song "Ballroom Blitz". :)
    Count me in for the Landship battle. I'd be willing to build one or two if you'd like. Drop me a line (or do you need my details again?)

    Thanks for looking everyone!

    1. LOL that song is more fitting ! I sent an email.....looking forward to this!

  8. Haha, nice! Looking forward to knowing about the lovely evening! :)

    1. I'm having a great time building it with my daughter, that's for sure.
      Thanks Suber

  9. Positively brilliant old chap! 'Swonderful! I'll bet every ingenue in the sector will be fighting for the chance to witness the damage, or perhaps even take part. There's no dance like murder!

  10. We have the invites back, and it will be an "interesting" evening of playing toy soldiers for sure.


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