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Trade War, Ep. 1, Budgets Must Be Met

Location Timtai Trading League Boardroom New Cypress, Trading Quarter
Furvus Lepantio, Timtai League Primary Gentlebeings, as you are aware, we have lost our main Opportunity near Graveskul. (Link: HERE) This has created an unacceptable dip in revenues and our factors have demanded action.
League Custodian Primary, if I may, I have anticipated this crisis and moved proactively.  I have received information about a transaction between agents of our rival house,  the “Volantes Tigris” ...
and the criminal enterprise, the Archuleta Brothers.
It seems that the Archuletas are providing an enormous amount of cash for a crate of Teleportium. The transaction will be completed at a remote landing field in the Sachines. 
I have hired a mercenary company under Captain Kahbar and deployed them to intercept  
We will acquire both the merchandise and payment.
THE BATTLE Location Sachines IV, Lavaca Landing Field
Scenario The Archuleta Brothers and Trader Mir Stilio of the Volantes Tigris Combine have me…

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