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The B Team

Location: Governor General’s Office Travis Point, New Cypress Kingdom of Colores
Governor General Andres So, General, this mining colony on Tfuncte. Apparently, there is a problem with Pirates.
General Jonah Stanislaw Yes, Governor, there have been several attempted raids.
GovGen Well, the Major and Eight Ball are on leave, do we have anyone else?
Stanislaw I believe so. There is a team led by a... (shuffles papers), Lieutenant Seveda.
They look promising.
They don’t have the same experience, but they pack some serious firepower.

GovGen Right, well, let’s give them a go… Option B, as it were
Stanislaw Ah, “The B Team”, simply smashing…has a nice ring to it Governor
GovGen Quite, “the B Team” it is then…

Hello Readers,

The minis are built from several sources:
- Torsos and Legs are Necromunda Van Saar
- Helmet Headswaps are Puppets War
- Breathing Masks are from Victoria Miniatures
- the backpack and magazine fed Hotshot Volley Guns are from the G…

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