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Building the Dragon

Excepts from the Imperial Archives, Vol. MMMCMXVII Appendix 88,943,022 “Sector Six: Military Capabilities of Minor Factions During the Age of Decline”
Continuing from the last volume,
the 4th Reich, in a daring surprise attack, captured the 34th Imperial Titan Legion on its home base of Xochoi. Not just the Titans were captured, but the entire logistical train and manufacturing infrastructure. After their capture, the Titans were renamed the “Reich’s 1st Titan Army” and became the vanguard for the Reich’s next offensive. (Link: HERE) Additionally, Officers of the Kriegsmarine and the Luftwaffe began to appropriate the huge Titan weaponry from the factories onto new starship hulls. Obviously, the relative size of these weapons were miniscule compared to actual Imperial Navy ordnance, but when deployed against their equally insignificant military rivals within Sector Six, this was a massive advantage. Thus the ostentatious classifications of “Battleship” and “Battlecruiser” on ships th…

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