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TJOTMS, Ep.5: A Project Update

Hi Readers,
I was hoping to have an episode to advance the storyline, and while the game has been played, the film is not yet in the can. However, there has been lots of progress on airbornegrove's blog, (Link: HERE) and I feel the need to show I'm not just phoney baloneying my way through this (or at least any more than he is.)

Like the last time, I'll go through the 3 components Building, Story, and Gaming...

I've been working on the main guns of the Nazi Battleship...

The turrets rotate. I mounted them on lazy susans. I think they look pretty good. One thing that I'm not liking is that the pvc is amazingly heavy. I'm going to have to modify the base design to be distributed under more of the model for stability.

A fellow model maker was asking me how I do the lighting effects. Brace yourself... this is some high tech stuff here..

That's it. 3 sets of 10 LED party lights from amazon at about $15 a set. They are remote controlled and can be set to any co…

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