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The Forest for the Trees...

Hello All,
If you have followed this blog for a few years, you will remember that I originally I was inspired to do a bunch of woods templates because around 2015 "ish", GW decided to go to "True LOS" for 40k and that meant players could suddenly see right through area terrain and woods templates. (I know the various GW games have gone back on forth over the decades, but this was the most recent flip-flop)

I was annoyed, because in my little corner of the universe (the Gulf Coast) woods DEFINITELY block LOS and about 75% of the time they are also nearly impassible.


These are the woods I know

So in 2016, I designed some templates to reflect my experience.
Here is a link...
Woods Ver 1

Time has passed and I wanted to improve on the look of the trunks. In my previous version, they were simply dowel rods and blue foam that I attacked with a dremel mounting a boring bit. This time around, I own a 3D printer and found a few designs of tree trunks that were absolutel…

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