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Apocalypse Un-Boxing - Thanks Goldmine Games!

Hello Readers,
I know I have been away for awhile and you have my apologies.

I am back, and I have the new Apocalypse Game in my hands, and I will walk you through some of the cooler items in the game...

Thanks to Goldmine Games for promptly getting my copy to me on Saturday at the opening bell!

I bought the main game, a set of cards for the IMPERIAL GUARD (I don't know what this "Astra Militarum" stuff is), and what I thought was an "extra set" of Command Cards. 

There is a TON of stuff in the box, and I won't provide an exact count here, but WOW, tokens, tokens, and more tokens. There are more than enough for... 1. Marking Commanders and Units that are "Out of Command" 2. Orders - Aim, Advance, Assault 3. Blasts - Small and Large 4. Damage/Wounds 5. Objectives
Then Cards, Cards, and more Cards... 300 in all, split between factions and subfactions, then some cards work for multiple factions, and a large number of "universal" ca…

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