Battlefleets of Sector Six: the Ophelian Imperium

Stuck way out far far from any Imperial focal point, the ships detailed to the defense of Sector Six are the leftovers. Almost every corner of the Imperium has priority over this backwater of backwaters.  Thus the ships here are assigned by happenstance, not plan. No thought of compatibility or operational efficiency, just expediency.

The livery of the Sector Six Fleet follows Imperial protocol using color combinations on navigational panels. Central Sectors have single colors (Red, Blue...etc), and as Sectors are further toward the frontier, combinations of multiple colors are used. Sector Six has been assigned a Yellow/Orange safety checkerboard.

Lastly, while the Ophelian Imperium names their main Capital ships as "Cruisers", this study will employ the "Jane's" standard, and classify them as Battleships, and additionally apply this across all classes.

Imperial naval architecture employs a modular methodology, and capital ships are made up of bays that can accept heavy guns, torpedo launchers, or fighter bays etc.

The Sector Flagship, the Battleship, "Sword of Retribution"

The "Devastator", configured as a Carrier

To the left are the ponderous, but heavily armed "Ursa" class, and the swift "Spectre" class on the right.

The "Merrick"

The "Idolon"

This class (and Fighters) are the backbone of the Sector Fleet. Provided in both quality (fast and well armed) and quantity, Imperial Destroyers at their best are swarming vicious attackers.

The "Parvus Pistris"

As with the Destroyers, what is available is good in quality and with substantial numbers.
The strength of the 875th  Strike Aerial Army

47th Sqn

Most of the Sector's Heavy Units passing the Rentlaw hyper-limit


Hello Readers,
Battleships are again the excellent "Dark Edge Games" models. The Ursa Class Cruisers are old etsy models, and I do not recall the store. Light Cruisers are GW "Thunderbolt" models from their Space Fleet range. Destroyers are from a comapny called "Vanguard".
Fighters are 3D printed at home from a Thingiverse stl.

As usual, comments and criticism are welcome. Let me know if I can answer any questions.

Thanks for looking,
Maj Guiscard


  1. A splendid fleet! You make me want to blow the years of dust off mine !

    1. Getting the dust and rust off was my whole motivation to start the blog.
      ...of course, the lead mountain is larger than ever. lol

  2. I'm so in love with all this...

  3. Are you using a resin printer for the fighters or did you manage wee tiny things with FDM?

    1. FDM
      I have a buddy with a resin printer, and the number of additional steps and the fumes keep my happy with the results I get with my little old Ender3

    2. Oh exciting! I have an FDM and was thinking this might be out of reach. Any hints on layer height, how big you made them, and where you found your stl?

    3. brewster (period) rn (at) gmail

  4. I love the way you've patched everything together and made it fit the story. Those Vanguard destroyers are lovely. I'm using them for my Squat fleet. (Along with some cruisers and a capital ship.) Your posts are always inspiring stuff!


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