New Minis for the Kids...'er, I mean, New Guises for the Heroes!, Part 1, Robert

So I have 3 kids, and they all needed new figures to portray their alter-egos on the tabletop. (The precipitating tragedy is detailed in the previous post.) All 3 helped choose their miniatures, but any and all painting shortcomings are mine. First one up is my son Robert...

Commander Robert v2.0
Following his return from adventures on the Far Spinward rim of Sector Six, Commander Robert’s appearance and abilities have significantly changed.

From their time and experience together, Commander Robert and his dog, Apache now work so symbiotically that they behave as a single unit. He has discarded his heavy armor, relying instead on Apache’s preternatural senses and his own agility to dodge attacks. He can never be ambushed, and never counts as being attacked from behind.

The Cmdr is equipped with a .45, loaded with enhanced ammunition, carried on his hip. For close combat, he has acquired a fire ax and modified it with a molecular blade. (He became inspired after a nearly fatal encounter with an enemy in power armor.) It is a brutal cutting tool.

He has an easy demeanor, and he encourages a loose approach to personal equipment. Members of his team vary widely in appearance (as per his Ninja sidekick seen above). He has a talent for choosing very disparate individuals and melding their abilities into a cohesive team.
Next Up, Master Constructor William


  1. Commander Robert looks like a winner and Apache is doubtless a great addition to the team. :) Reminds me of my own dog Maza of many years back. She was a dear friend and a wonderful pup. Looking forward to the rest of the gang.

  2. He certainly has an all round action hero look about & as for the dog, well I'm sure that even at 28mm their still a man's best friend.

  3. Thanks Guys,
    Robert surprised me with his Hasslefree "Shaggy" choice. Honestly, the mini was executed great, but the aesthetic wasn't my thing. But after painting him up, he's grown on me. The dog is from Anvil Industries, and aside from being resin, it's a great mini.

    The "real" Apache is a great big-hearted dog. He loves 'his' boy. Loves kids, and is aware and careful of his size around the numerous little girls in the neighborhood. He is the resident teddy bear. BUT, he is the world's biggest chicken. Anything (and I mean ANYTHING) will send him scurrying to his kennel to hide. He's ridiculous.

    Thanks for looking!


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