Time for a Celebration

Dr. Da'Ourii has been successfully recovered from Ocrade, and as a grand welcome, the Governor General's wife, Lady Melinde, has prepared a formal ball.

Da'Ourii arrives at the Governor General's Estate...
Typical of her delightful nature, Princess Sophie has researched and practiced the native dances of the Rhodians.  Da'Ourii cuts a fine rug among the other guests.

Meanwhile, in a secure corner of the Ballroom...
 Imperial Sub-Ambassador Sulla Tigh lays out the new reality of Imperial policy in the sector.
"For the forseeable future, the Empire will not support anything more than a token force here.  There are troubles with the Rhodians where our borders meet, and the Emperor is rumored to be very ill.  The succession is not yet clearly defined.  In short, the Imperial Government has bigger fish to fry. Now that responsibility for peace in this sector falls to you local "powers" such as you are, I am pretty sure this whole place is doomed."

Maj Guiscard: "You are a guest at the Governor's Ball, try to be condencing instead of outright insulting."

Tigh held an icy stare on Guiscard before continuing: "Here is a list of Imperial facilities that are being abandoned and mothballed.  His Imperial Majesty marginally prefers any salvage to be collected by you than the Nazis."

Maj. Guiscard: "Soooo, now you need our help?"

SA Tigh: "I do not need anything, Major. I am a resident of these benighted parts and am trying to be productive with the low quality tools at hand."

Maj. Guiscard: "Dueling is legal here you bombastic..."

GovGen: "Gentlemen, as it has been said, this is a party in my home.  Sub-Ambassador Tigh, we thank you for the list. Calm yourselves, and let us go converse with the wonderful variety of guests. Major, please meet me in the Library."
GovGen.: "Anything useful on the list?"

Maj. Guiscard: "Well, it matches the one we stole off Ocrade.  So at least we have confirmation.  The best target is on Sachines.  It's a smaller repair anchorage, but there may be some intact jump engine cores if we are lucky."

GovGen: "Is '8 Ball' ready to go?" Guiscard nods.
"Well, on your way then."