Special Diplomatic Investigators

For such a completely worthless backwater, Sector Six is causing the Empire major problems. It strains credulity, but it seems that an official Imperial Survey briefly mentions this place actually exists (very briefly, in passing, and as an aside in the 114th section of the appendix to the “4,031st Analysis of the Enduring Long Term Price Stability of Low Quality Common Metal Reserves, Non-Strategic”). 

It gets worse: the mention was NOT edited out in the final draft before being forwarded all the way to Imperial Prime.

That sort of outrageous disruption of bureaucratic process is guaranteed to trigger an explosion of exception forms and new reports and the commission of a committee to investigate the need for an investigation.

Meet the Special Diplomatic Investigators

The Naval Liaison Officer is from Games Workshop, and the Contessa is one of the fantastic Colony 87 sculpts

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  1. Cool looking model's Will & I take we'll be seen more of these two as Sector Six come under the eye, the poor old Governor must be have sleepless night specially after that whole business with the bomb.

    1. The GovGen has discovered that there is no better cure for troubled dreams caused by Meddling Bureaucrats than 2-6 extra whiskeys before bedtime. (sometimes starting as early as lunchtime, and dosage depending upon time of exposure)

  2. Replies
    1. LOL
      "We're from the government, we're here to help you."

  3. I'm sure these will generate suitable amounts of mischief and mayhem!

  4. Lots of indignation and sneers of derision directed at the locals for their parochialism won't help either.

    The worst diplomatic outcomes produce the best wargaming scenarios.


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