Rise of Tyranny Campaign: Week 3

Field HQ, Imperial Intervention Force
Taxation District 3, Telebrainia

With the arrival of the reinforcement convoy, Imperial fortunes, if not good, are at least better than disastrous.  Imperial Field Commanders are encouraged by the recapturing of several territories, and the liberation of Telebrainia.  The Reich troops on Sibuka and Malathorne are cut off (or the Imperials on Telebrainia are surrounded, depending on your point of view), and now the Commanders discuss their next move…

Imperial Sub-Ambassador Sulla Tigh
As you can see, we have driven a wedge between Sibuka and the Reich’s starting point on Xochoi.  They didn’t plan for our reinforcements to arrive so quickly, but now we have shown our hand. If we want to maintain our momentum, we must continue our attack.

General Onarisco
Surprise has been over for weeks, do we know why they are continuing to be so battleworthy?

SA Tigh
There are rumors that the Reich has somehow acquired a Titan.  The sources are not credible, but our intelligence efforts are continuing. 

For now, we hold the decisive link in the chain. We will coordinate our efforts and attempt to liberate Sibuka launching form Telebrainia and consolidate our gains on Malathorne.

Generals, return to your units…
May victory come to you
Significant Data Points
Aidan Perdron, Grey Knights – won an engagement on Telebrainia
During the fight he captured a Mastercrafted Plasma Pistol from a fallen enemy Officer
Fatrius Werro, Dark Angels – has fought 2 engagements against Chaos Marines, he certainly would classify as an expert against these foes as his “Preferred Enemy”
Fritz Von Jaegar – victorious against a Space Marine force, he seems impervious to harm. He gains +1 to his FNP save
There were an unprecedented number of battles fought over Telebrainia.  The urban portions of the planet are devastated and the native Telebrainians have retreated to hide in the remote areas like refugees. As the lychpin to the Imperial strategy (such as there is one), heavy fighting is expected to continue
As far as the preposterous rumors of the existence of an enemy Titan, Aidan Perdron is leading a team to confirm this as a complete fabrication.  We will update as required.

Thanks to everyone for continuing the fight!

We will continue the open part of the Campaign for 2 weeks after this, so 5 weeks total.  The last day of fighting will be April 16th. After that, I will post “endgame” scenarios based on the results so far to close out the whole shebang.

Thursday, I will post the new Scenario… “Lord of the Battlefield”

Big Reveal coming this week….


  1. Looking forward to not seeing the phantom Titan!

  2. Though I did get in some gaming this week none of them where 40K & the week ahead is not looking likely for one either sadly, but I will try to join back in before the end, anyway go look with the rest of it Will & I hope it all live's up to what you need from it.

    1. Not a problem at all. This is about motivating people to play games. If you are playing stuff that you enjoy, it's all good!
      Hope you can get another campaign game in as well.


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