"Rise of Tyranny" Campaign: Week 2

Imperial reinforcement convoy, on-board the commandeered commercial bulk transport "Scutapi Star"

Improvised briefing room, compartment, 10 Forward...

Imperial Operations Officer, Commander Linus Palitar
The map on the screen tells the story.  Governor and Sub-Ambassador, I cannot imagine the situation as being much worse. We are in retreat on almost all fronts, and the whole Rentlaw Sub-Sector is descending into chaos.

Sirs, if you follow our analysis, listed below are individual actions of note:

Significant Data Points 

The one piece of unqualified good new is that there is a new Space Marine force inbound to the battlespace:
Vlad The Polar
Wolf Lord of the Space Bears
Warlord trait: Tenacity: Your Warlord has the Feel No Pain special rule

We have a profile worked up for the enemy commander on Sibuka. As of our recent reports, he is in control of 2/3 of the planet:

Fritz Von Jaegar
Was once one of the craziest leaders during WW2 he ruled with fear and death.  No Germans would think twice crossing his path or doubting his rule and order.  During Germans push to get all there forces they could through the portal, Fritz Von Jaegar was injured with life threatening injury's.  He then pushed himself to make it through the portal and meet up with the rest of the Army.  Chaos powers had a different path for Fritz and some of his army.  In there surprise they ended up meeting some of the chaos followers and they took Him and his army and questioned them and tortured them. 
Fritz Von Jaegar was the last to be tortured.  His injures where infected and his life span was and a bleak end.  They tortured him for 3 weeks and 4 days.  The Chaos followers seen him hold on to life despite his injury's but saw the damage they did to his mind.  They then decided to encased him in a dreadnought body and give him a new nickname.  One that would make the sound of his name instill fear into his enemy's.   
DreadKlaw the Krazy.

Warlord trait    Saga of the Bear.    Warlord and unit have FNP 6+

Special rules:
 Furious Charge
 It Will Not Die


Next, we have an AAR intercepted from the feared Reich Kommander Schwarbar.  Malathorne has completely fallen to the enemy. Details of the action on the Fullush Mountains are found in the original source material here: 

Aidan Perdron was wounded and the Grey Knights were forced to withdraw trying to stop a raiding Ork force. The marauders were led by a warboss calling himself "Kommisar Yardstikk". Whether this is the same "Yardstikk" that plagued the sector 3 years ago, or a simple copycat is unknown at this time. We will follow his moves closely.

Lastly, an Imperial Guard Regiment withdrew in good order after inflicting heavy casualties against another band of unidentified raiders, that seem to be trying to take advantage of the current situation.

Thank-you for your time Sirs.  We will resume our planning and call for another briefing when needed.

Welcome to outr new reader: Chris Wroblewski!

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Thanks to all the contributors.  Keep 'em coming!
Three more weeks! (IF the Imperials can fight back!)


  1. Nice report Will & I have to say I'm really enjoying taking part so thanks mate.

    1. I'm glad you're here. It really adds to the experience for everybody to have remote players!
      PLUS, you have actual battle reports.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks,
      I have been enjoying your Sinastras IV campaign as well. Chaos rampaging all over!
      Your format seem to be more cooperative / rpg-ish, am I correct?

    2. Thanks Major! Yes, Sinastras IV is more co-op and rpg flavoured. I'm fortunate that I've got a group of guys at the club who are really keen on Pulp Alley and willing to be inflicted with my campaign ideas!


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