The Great Ocrade Raid, Pre-Campaign Info

The 4th Reich is an outlaw nation in Sector Six.  Ostracized and hunted, these present day Nazi's survive by guile, cunning, and a ruthless "kill or be killed" approach.  Their settlements are hidden, resources and technology are plundered from the unwary.
Which brings us up to speed...

Ocrade (pronounced oa-kray-dee) is an earth-like planet in the NW region of Sector Six.  It is a "licensed' world of the Empire, having a corporate rather than political government.  The license is held by "Nusling Interstellar Enterprises" and is sparsely settled but industry rich.  A perfect target for Nazi raiders.

Baroness Dagmara Niehoff leads the Kampfgruppe charged with plundering the Nusland installations on Ocrade and in the surrounding system.  Her plan follows the standard protocol:  Eliminate or capture the deep space warning stations, destroy any covering naval units, attack the planet, then exfiltrate with as much tech as possible.  Important secondary objectives are to terrorize the population and take slaves as possible.  Manpower is always short in the Nazi state.


  1. Just wanted to say that I tore through your blog this weekend and enjoyed it greatly. I can't wait to see what other hi-jinx your governor gets up to.

  2. Thanks Shon,

    I didn't realize I need to approve your comment for it to show up, so I apologize for the delay.

    The Ocrade Campaign will be coming through in the next few days.


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