Secret War IV: Tangled Webs

The major shooting war between the 4th Reich and the Kingdom of Colores is on hold.  There is an Imperial enforced ceasefire in place and the war has moved in to a “Secret War” phase: spies, operatives, plots, and conspiracy. 
To complicate matters, the Imperials enforcing the ceasefire are also divided. One faction, the Imperial Church, is led by the wildly psychotic and vindictive Canoness Quintilla, and they favor the Reich. The other faction, composed of pragmatists in the foreign services led by Sub-Ambassador Sulla Tigh, favor the Kingdom of Colores and her allies.
As the Imperial factions begin to turn on one another (culminating in the attempt on Ambassador Tigh’s life LINK) everyone moves closer to open combat and re-igniting the conflict.
Onboard the KCS Helena, Eight Ball Command
Major Guiscard, Imperial Sub-Ambassador Sulla Tigh, and Admiral King try to dissect the recent actions and determine their next steps, since it is pretty clear that some elements of the Empire, led by Canoness Quintilla and the Imperial Church, are actively assisting the Reich.

They agree that the best thread to follow is the origin of the attack directly on Sulla Tigh by a creature of unknown origin and very high technology.
To investigate the creature’s origin, the KCS Passereaux  with Ambassador/Agent Sophie are proceeding to Krellborn IX and will rendezvous with  Imperial Inquisitor Verhoeven. (on the awesome shoe3ox blog LINK)

Since a component of technology used by the alien was based on anti-grav, the KCS Helena and Eight Ball Command will proceed to the world where this technology is most well understood.  The famous “Floating Cities of Toolenay”

Apologies for the delay in my story update.  I haven’t been idle, I was looking at the blog, and decided that I had seen the same buildings too many times. I took a little time to build out some new scenery that was at an acceptable standard. The story pace will pick up from here…

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  1. Hello! You got me via the collaboration with shoe3ox, as I already followed his blog.

  2. Those new buildings are just fan-tastic. You have a great eye for that sort of thing. Toolenay is the most evocative gaming environment that I have seen for a long time, its brilliant. Im gushing a bit, but seriously, I love it.

  3. Dang, you so very creative! Love the new terrain.

  4. Welcome TRO, however you got here, I'm grateful for the look!

    Thanks gents, I really enjoy terrain making.


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