KCS Passereaux Refit

The loss of the KCS Helena at the Battle of Toolenay (see previous), sent her sister ship, KCS Passereaux back to the shipyard for some changes.  Since the Helena was brought down by a single pass from a fighter, the refit to Passereaux would focus on defeating the close attack threat.
The flying bridge was expanded to accommodate an additional weapons officer.  No longer would a single crewmember be responsible for all systems. Duties were now split between capital and secondary targeting, and an additional 340kW Kenyard Twin Pulse Laser was installed above the bridge, increasing point defense capability by 50%.

The observation deck has additional instrumentation...
while the landing bay has been modified to accept a Tand-Raymond 4BX personnel shuttle.  With this upgrade, the Passereaux can utilize just about any interface craft in the Colores Fleet inventory.
Captain Clairesse Brown at the helm...
Further enhancements are planned. (Seeing as the ship sometimes transports the Governor-General's beloved daughter, let's just say that the work will never be finished.)
7 MONTHS???!!!!?? Good lord it has been forever.  Life at the Gov-Gen's Estate has been tre' busy. Well, the war is about to heat up again.  Stay tuned.

Welcome Matakishi!


  1. Wow, I love it, what a creative construction you made here. Well done!

  2. Great to have you back bring on the war LOL.

  3. Great to have you back bring on the war LOL.

  4. I was actually just thinking about your blog the other day. And low and behold there is an update. And a very good one at that.
    Welcome back to the blogosphere.

  5. Yay updates! Where did you get the great crew figs?

  6. Its great to see your utterly unique take on things here again Maj. Guiscard. That observation deck is just fantastic :)

  7. Thanks all! Good to know I was missed.

    daveb - I need to get better at listing the manufacturers of the minis. I have been on the receiving end of great info from other blogs (like cheetor's). So:
    The Crew in the observation deck are the Heresy Government Inspectors except the bipedal robot, he is from ZombieSmith.
    The bridge crew are resin aircrew from Hannats with some head and arm swaps from Games Workshop, except for Cpt Brown. Her head-swap is from Statuesque Miniatures, Heroic Scale set.
    Lastly, the small personnel shuttle is from Old Crow.

    So thanks, Suber, Frank O'D, commisarmoody, daveb, and cheetor.
    Good to be back

  8. Wow, it's been so long...glad to see you didn't get hit by a truck. The ship looks great!

  9. Thanks Thomas, like your Chinese Warlord Army

    Hi Stephen, yes it has been too long, but no trucks were harmed in the process of my absence. (I promise) :)


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