The Molling Incident, Part II: New Friends

Continuing from our last episode, (here) after being attacked by agents of the 4th Reich, three members of Eight Ball Command have fled into the jungle.
The Odeco support office has been destroyed, and the Nazi’s have them outgunned at the settlement.  To change the direction of the investigation, Tech Sgt. Bont has intercepted some encrypted signals coming from the interior of the continent.  As there are no charted settlements there, our party begins to follow a network of trails and hike in that direction. Hopefully there are some answers at the other end.
The hike is grinding. The jungle terrain is difficult and the temperature is soaring. 

A few days into the trek, a humanoid known as a “Honschu”, steps out hiding, and greets them with a ceremonial welcome and challenge.  The translation would approximate, “Hello Stranger, all of the gods blessings for your journey. However, these are Honschu lands, and you will not violate them without permission. Peace be with you, and be on your way.”
Without a second’s pause, Sgt. Mannesmann gives the traditional response… in Honschu, “Thank-you for your goodwill.  May the gods bless you as well. We are of the people, and ask for passage.”
Rendered speechless by the surprise, the Honschu looks at them for a hard minute.  Then breaks into laughter
Sgt. Mannesmann continues, “We have fought, broken bread, and shared with one of your Honschu kinsman before.  As you can see, we have even learned your language from him. However, I must confess, we did not know Honschu were settled on this planet.”
“A friend of the kin is a friend. Yes, Honschu have lived here for a thousand years. You are welcome, much welcome, come with me.”
To be continued…

So, giant trees and jungle,
Started with this
Then I used butcher paper and watered down white glue for a paper mache' technique to add texture to the trunks.  Below is a picture after painting and flocking, but before I added the vegetation.  As you can see the concept was extensively tested by my son and his transformer collection...
Then I added a huge amount of cheap plastic plants hung off of floral wire and came out the other side with 5 of these
Thanks for looking!


  1. So much of your terrain is imaginative and spectacular. Another great example!.

  2. Nice report & those terrain bits are just WOW

  3. Excellent work on those trees, and I just love the combined battle report and terrain how-to!!

  4. Thanks Guys,
    I think I enjoy the terrain building more than painting the soldiers.

  5. Very nice indeed. Your alien terrain is always mind-blowing. And your battle reports are splendid. It is a pleasure to follow your story.

  6. Fantastic. I'm going to have to add some elevated plant elements like that the next time that I get working on my jungle terrain.

  7. Well the bright, almost florescent, colors are all inspired by yours. I have the 1st jungle batrep in the can. I just need to find the time to post it.


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