The Molling Incident, Part III: Blood Brothers

Continuing with our story from the previous episode, the the KCS Passereaux has completed its return journey to New Cypress and messaged the Governor General about the situation on Molling.
The Reich is on the move again, and the Gov-Gen consults with his Generals and Allies about a battle plan.
The Expeditionary Fleet begins to assemble and troops prepare to embark.

Back on Molling, Major Guiscard and his team have struck an alliance with the local population of Honschu. The Major explained that a fleet from the Kingdom of Colores will be inbound, and war is coming, and after all the years of retreat further into the jungle, if the Honschu will be armed with enough firepower to join the fight and strike back.

For the first mission of this new Alliance, the Major will lead a small strike team in a raid against a Reich's communications array.
The team consists of the Major, Sgt Mannesmann (still recovering from wounds), Technical Sergeant Bont, the Honschu: Gricknak, the small Honschu dog, and lastly Kwarbeg and his massive Carnobeast.
The mission objective is to capture the comm array for a short time and use it to broadcast the most recent intelligence to a Colores scout ship in the system.  Following the broadcast, the team will destroy the array and retreat back into the jungle.

The Battle
As the Major and his team approach the objective, they notice an encampment surrounding the array.  Reich's technicians are upgrading the systems, and worse, Tech Sgt Bone detects signals from a security patrol nearby.  Quickly reassessing the situation, the Major orders Bont to jam all the enemy radios. The codes to access the array must be in one of the tents. A few shots in the air send the technicians scattering. Gricknak and the dog make a flanking run to the far end of the encampment and intend to start their search there. Just as the dog rounds the last tent, shots ring out.
The Reich patrol is back and the fight is on.
The Reich Heavy Weapons Gunner downs the dog with his opening volley.
The Honschu scramble for the high ground and wound the gunner in return.
Both sides spread out through the tenst and frantically search for the codes to the transmitter.  The Reich for reinforcements, and the Major's team to update the incoming fleet.

Kwarberg and his Carnobeast take down 2 Nazi's before being overwhelmed by the Group Leader and his Powerfist

The Reich Group Leader gains the codes first and rushes to the array.
...but the Major and Gricknak are right behind and in the final moments, 

the Major's speed beats the Group Leader's power and he goes down.

Tech Sergeant Bont sends the intelligence briefing and the Major's team fades back into the jungle.
Just to cover what a spine-tingling ending this was:
We played the Pulp Alley scenario, "Lost Keys" and on the final turn, the Nazi Leader had the Main Objective +1 Minor Objective.
Our group ignores the rule that a round of combat can only reduce your health level by one, no matter how many Health Checks you fail.  In our games EVERY failed check reduces your Heath die.  There were enough hits to down both the Major and the Nazi, and Ryan played the "Stay Down" card (no Recovery Rolls), but I countered with "Misfortune" (nullifying his card) and played my own "Stay Down".
Since the Nazi had all 4 VP's (1 Major Plot Point and 1 Minor) none counted when he went down.
The Colores team had 1 Minor Plot Point and eeked out the match 1-0.
Pulp Alley delivers again!

The camapgin stands at 1-1.

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  1. Great report - sounds like a real nail biter of a game. And love the shot looking over Kwarbeg's shoulder down at the communications array.

  2. A great report Will really enjoyed it over a cup of coffee, as for pulp ally delivering well that's what I found happens in the few games I've played so far.

    Anyway keep up the good work as your work is 1st class.

  3. Thanks guys!
    Some games just produce the nail biters. Thinking about this game, if the Group Leader had just stayed on his feet, the Nazi's would have won by a large 4-1 margin.
    Not many games can give that kind of range of possibilities at the end.


  4. Obviously I'm a little behind reading your website, but that is absolutely fantastic. You and Cheetor sold me on Pulp Alley in a major way.


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