The Molling Incident, Ep. VI(b): Ride of the CARNOSAURS

So for this Episode, we'll start with the "behind the scenes" stuff first.  
My son and I played Scenario 15, "Fortified Defense" from One Hour Wargames by Neil Thomas. Unlike the last scenario, "FD" is full of tactical choices. In addition to having to capture 2 objectives, the attacker can choose to essentially hit reset and start his force over from the baseline anytime during the game.

My son played 8 Ball Command and the Kingdom of Colores allies again. I played the Space Nazis. Rules were our homegrown, card driven set, Battle Hardened 2399.
During the orbital drop (LINK), most of the "Merrill's Marauders" battlesuit company landed to the west of the rally point.  Cpt. Merrill rounded up his suits and a platoon from 8 Ball with Anti-Tank support.  They were met by some Honschu carnosaur riders and they began the march to the rally point.

The column was intercepted by a small unit of Reich's infantry.  The Reich force was swept aside and fell back to a copse of the native gargantuan trees where they dug in to await reinforcements.  Rather than leave an enemy force behind him, Cpt. Merrill decided to press the attack.


The Reich is dug in at the top of the trees to the south. Cpt Merrill is leading the first echelon to the attack. Following behind is a second, identical echelon that can be committed to the attack if needed.

Order of Battle
Kingdom of Colores
2 Battle Suits (Light Tanks)
2 Squads 8 Ball Infantry
1 Squad Carnosaur
1 AT Gun 23rd Cav

Fourth Reich
On the Objectives:
2 Infantry Squads with Heavy Weapons (Dug In and Hidden)

1 Heavy Autom (Tank)
1 Command Squad (Infantry)
1 Human Infantry Squad
1 Autom Squad (Powered Infantry)

The Battle
The KC Battlesuits opened fire on the enemy near the objective, while the Carnosaurs began moving through the trees on the right flank.

On the left flank, the 8 Ball infantry moved rapidly to the 1st objective, but took heavy casualties while they were exposed in the open from the heavy Autom.
They moved into some dead ground and spent the next few minutes regrouping.

Meanwhile, the Carnosaurs continued to pick their way unobserved on the right

Cpt Merrill and the 2nd Battlesuit exchanged fire with the heavy Autom in the center. Cpt. Merril's shields flared from hits and pushed to their maximum.
... and the last thing seen by the Nazi's occupying Objective 2
The final push came from the 8 Ball infantry on Objective 1...
...after taking 50% casualties, the Nazi's were run off the top.

The KC forces won a decisive victory. They took both objectives, and didn't even have to engage the second echelon.  There is one more group moving to the rally point, 
Hello Readers,
This scenario was unexpectedly one sided. All the dice rolls went my son's way.  His troops just rolled over everything. But the Carnosaur charge was outstandingly cinematic.  They moved through the trees, hiding from fire and unleashing a "max roll" assault right into the far objective.  Even though I was on the receiving end, it did look cool.

 Next up, for the final scenario from One-Hour Wargames, is Scenario 13: Escape.

The winner of 2 out of 3 of these scenario's will have the advantage in the climactic "big battle" to tie up the campaign.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Great report. Love the photo looking up at the carnosaurs!

  2. Yep I've got to agree with the Preacher, you got some awesome snaps there Will, & gave me a nice read with my Sunday breakfast so for that thanks mate.

    On the battle it's self some time no matter what way you go about setting things up it can end up a little lopsided, but that's just happens by mistake when your running a narrative & not by design.

    So keep up the great work as I'm really enjoying it.

  3. Thanks Preacher and Frank,
    Glad I could add to Sunday's reading!
    This was the first time I felt the giant jungle trees were put to good use since I built them. In the previous games (both blogged and not) they just sort of sat in the background and/or got in the way. The Carnosaurs were a natural fit.

    See ya'.!

  4. Ah, good. Nice to see KC push the 4th Reich back some. Very good report. I'm buying myself a copy of One-Hour Wargames in part on the strength of your last couple of writeups. You'll forgive me if I'm pulling for your son, I hope. I like the KC guys. They've been such an important part of your story for a good year or two now. Either way, brilliant game and a well written report. And yes, the picture of the carnosaur riders about to pounce on the Space Nazis is priceless. Shots from below tend to be impressive and cinematic.

  5. Yes, the KC guys have been through some more losses than they are accustomed to, so this overwhelming win balances the scales somewhat.
    For the Carnosaur shot, I just wish I had been able to angle it so the victims were in the foreground. But of course. that's just nitpicking.



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