Easy Duty, Prelude to "The Rise of Tyranny" Campaign

The Rentlaw System, Planet Xochoi
Imperial Equipment Forward Deployment Base, D713AA-2

Routine Perimeter patrol, elements of the 873rd Garrison Regiment

Recruit Private DeSoliss
“Hey, Lieutenant, permission to speak?”
Lt. Gari
“Yes, Private?”

Pvt. Soliss
“Well, Sir, I’ve been assigned here over a year now, and I’ve gotten to know the veterans pretty well.
…and I was wondering,
Is it true that there hasn’t been any action on this planet..ever…, or even a call to mobilize the Legion...like...ever?”

“Never. Nothing has ever happened here. The Legion fires up their Titans once very couple of years, they walk around and shoot some trees and that’s it.”

Pvt. Soliss
“Pretty soft duty, Sir.”

Lt. Gari
“Why do you think I’m drunk at 7am?”

Pvt. Soliss
“Point taken, Sir”

Davor Aufklärung Elements, 45th Panzergrenadier Division

Kommander Schacklow
Very careless…

Our heroes are engaged in a system far from here:
The Molling Incident

The Imperial Fleet is almost completely gone:
The Recall

It seems that almost everyone has forgotten that the entire 34th Titan Legion is stationed on Xochoi.



  1. The quite before the storm one would think & as before all storms the atmosphere builds, nice prelude Will I can't wait for the storm to brake.

  2. dun..Dun! DUN!!!!!!Will some one help the poor Imperials?

  3. Oh ho ho! Sounds like trouble is brewing, which is great for us readers! Love that last photo - you've got a great eye for pulling off some really nice shots.

  4. Nicely done. Big trouble in store for the Imperials ?

  5. Ooh! Foreshadowing of the worst kind! This will be interesting. I am eager to see your titan legions deployed. :D

  6. Thanks for the words gentlemen. This campaign will be a little different. I am running it out of my gaming club (normally, it's just me and 1 or 2 others). I am expecting around 8-10 total participants, around 4 casual, and 4 "committed".
    I will be posting rules and the setup this week.


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