Project Iowa: Episode 1, “New Friends from the Tartaus Rim”

It's time to return to our friends in Sector Six, the Kingdom of Colores. Joining us are some adventurers of the Rex-Avis Clan from the Tartaus Rim covered by "the Composer's" excellent blog. Link: HERE

Deep Space, approaching a Kingdom of Colores secret facility, 
on board the Rex-Avis Clan Trading Ship (RACT) ”Enhance”
Livinia January "Colorado" Rex-Avis
The reputation of our customer is pretty high for once, but this Tachyon Imploder and the schematics are on the Imperial proscribed technology list.  That puts this job right back into the “high risk” category. What is your opinion, Sir Stanley?

Sir Stanley Ursaline-Drakemore
The Colores scientists know the risks as well as we do.  The price is right, and I’m sure they are taking all the precautions they can from their end.  We should be ok.

Next Location
Observation and Conference Deck, KCS Passereaux
Kingdom of Colores Secret Facility, Project Iowa 
Professor Applebeck
Project Iowa will not be successful without this technology.  The ship is simply too large to enter warpspace with our current powerplant capabilities.

Agent Sophie
I understand Professor.  This Clan has a reputation for straight dealing and discretion. My team and I will be with you and the Jokero, Centian, all the way.

Undetected Orbit
Inquisitorial Black Ship “Heretic’s Bane”
4th Reich Agent Helga Wolfsbane
Now that you have seen the request for landing from the “Enhance”, that should confirm the intelligence I have shared with you.  The Kingdom of Colores is attempting to obtain illicit technology on your proscribed list.

Inquisitor Guimar
Yes, I agree. And since the technology is on data slates we must act quickly.

Guimar activates the ship’s intercom…
Pilot! Prepare the ship for landing!


  1. Replies
    1. Which branch deals with Xenos and Xeno Tech?


  2. Good to see you back in action Will, I will of course be hoping for the hero's of the 4th Reich to undo your unlawful plans :-)

    1. I liked the setup when I was working through it with the Composer and in my head, but after re-reading the first episode, I'm thinking, I made the 4th Reich out to be whiny snitches.

      Need to fix that...

  3. Ooh, goody! Another adventure! Very much looking forward to this.

    1. Thanks Preacher,
      Hopefully I can get the youth of the house to play. Just like on your blog, nothing beats it.. I'm off to find some rat minis for them to randomly shoot at...

  4. Look forward to following this adventure. ;)

    1. Nothing will top Waltraud face down in the toilet from your latest! (to quote you, "Tons of LOLz!")

      But I'm sure somebody is going to screw up so badly that the balance of the universe might just end up torqued on the wrong side of a black hole...

  5. I clearly missed something over on Airbornegrove's site. Waltraud face down in the reading room, huh?

    I surely hope nobody tips the universe over. I did that tone my dad a couple of times as a kid. Something about a big wheel in the basement and folding ping-pong table. Clip a leg and leave universe scattered all over the floor. But I think your players are probably older and more responsible than I was then.

    For the record, I am REALLY excited to see how this develops and I am quite curious about that deck tied up to KCS Passeraux. It's really quite flat, and there's enough stripes on it for . . . well . . . something flat and blackish with a lot of lights and stripes. Something that ought to be able to project quite a bit more force for the Kingdom of Colores. Which might be why the neighbors are upset.

  6. " . . something flat and blackish with a lot of lights and stripes"
    I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of an object matching that description.

    "I think your players are probably older and more responsible than I was then."
    LOL, older, yes.
    More responsible? They are adolescents, so responsibility isn't really in the picture.

    As far as the storyline goes, there are politics involved, which means there are politicians involved. So the potential for disaster elevates exponentially. (which in imaginaryland = fun)


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