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at Home and On Campaign

24 October 2016

Project Iowa, Ep. 2: “Blood In the Sand”

The Kingdom of Colores has purchased an advanced warp engine and related parts from the Rex-Avis Trading Clan from the Tartarus Rim. This advanced technology originates from the Dwarf worlds, and as such is proscribed in Imperial Space.  Both Rex-Avis and Colores have taken every precaution to maintain the secrecy of the transaction, and the delivery of the warp engine is taking place in remote space at a secret Colores Facility.

As we pick up the story, most of the deal has been completed. However, the “Warp Space Imploder” is a high risk component of the engine, so the principals have traveled to an abandoned Imperial facility on a nearby moon for trials and final verification of the Imploder to complete their business.

The members of the Rex-Avis Clan and the scientific team from Colores have gotten along well, the transaction is going smoothly, and they are all looking forward to concluding the deal.

Agents of the 4th Reich have different plans.

Plain of Loneliness
Bakkun Moon

The game was a tryout for the “Void Pirates” ruleset.
The Colores/Rex-Avis Operatives are patrolling the perimeter and will be placed randomly.  The Reich Grenadiers will arrive from the North and East of the Map.

There are 3 objectives. The Reich will try to grab them and get onboard a getaway APC that will arrive to aid their escape:

The Warp Space Imploder
Professor Applebeck

The Rex-Avis Clan Notables
a.       Livinia January “Colordao” Rex-Avis
b.      Sir Stanley Ursaline-Drakemore
c.       Octavia Argentia Rex-Avis

Rex-Avis / Colores Operatives
Agent Sophie –  Hero 5D/5D(3)
Blake Walker – Shooter 6D(3)/4D
AJ Quest – Shooter 6D(3)/4D
Katherine "Kitty" Luong – Stealth, Fast 5D/5D(2)

4th Reich, Smash and Grab Team
Kommander Schaklow– Hero 5D(3)/5D
UO Wulf – Shooter 6D(3)/4D
Panzer Grenadier 1- Trooper 5D/4D
Panzer Grenadier 2- Trooper 5D/4D
Panzer Grenadier 3- Trooper 5D/4D

 The Map
The objectives, the Imploder, Prof, Applebeck, and leaders of Rex-Avis are running the final tests to determine the state of the Warp Space Imploder.  They are scattered around an abandoned manufacturing facility when the 4th Reich makes an appearance.

Blake (Bodyguard, Rex-Avis)
“We’ve got company!
Blake faces off against 3 Grenadiers at almost point blank range.  Everyone is hit, but Kitty leaps in and turns the tide.

On the north side of the map, Agent Sophie squares off against Kmdr Schaklow, and although he gets the first shots in…
He cannot stand against the furious charge and goes down.

AJ Quest guns down UO Wulf, but all the maneuvering has opened a hole in the security screen.  One of the Grenadiers slips through and makes it onto the observation platform.
 Agent Sophie’s aim is disrupted by the charging Reich APC getting to the base of the platform.

The Grenadier uses the Rex-Avis Leaders as human shields as he herds them toward the getaway APC, but AJ Quest climbs on top of a forklift (skillcheck!) for a better angle.

...AJ takes the clutch shot and downs the Grenadier.
(Although, Colorado, Sir Stanley, and Olympia could use a change of clothes.)

Realizing that more powerful forces were certainly on their way, Colores and Rex-Avis decamped immediately.  The good news was that all were safe, and the Warp Imploder functioned perfectly.
The bad news is, that despite all their precautions, the secret's out.

Can they get Project Iowa completed before the enemy closes in?

So, this was delayed by the bright and shiny distraction of NEW RULES! I was over at Cheetor's cool blog, Cheetor's Blog, and he had a battle report using the "Void Pirates" rules.  I was so impressed that I bought and downloaded them immediately. After trying them out, I just had to rework this episode.

The rules are a lot of fun. A little too fiddly for my tastes, but it's easily fixed as everything is kind of "drop in", so you can sprinkle complexity to taste.  For comparison, think the SOBH family.  It plays fast, fun, and bloody. Opposed roles for combat keep both players  involved. I highly recommend Void Pirates (LINK: FOUR COLOR STUDIOS).

2 more missions over here, and then the action will shift over to the Tartarus Rim.

Welcome to our new readers:
Tiny Basement
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and Tim Edwards

Thanks for looking!

09 October 2016

Project Iowa: Episode 1, “New Friends from the Tartaus Rim”

It's time to return to our friends in Sector Six, the Kingdom of Colores. Joining us are some adventurers of the Rex-Avis Clan from the Tartaus Rim covered by "the Composer's" excellent blog. Link: HERE

Deep Space, approaching a Kingdom of Colores secret facility, 
on board the Rex-Avis Clan Trading Ship (RACT) ”Enhance”
Livinia January "Colorado" Rex-Avis
The reputation of our customer is pretty high for once, but this Tachyon Imploder and the schematics are on the Imperial proscribed technology list.  That puts this job right back into the “high risk” category. What is your opinion, Sir Stanley?

Sir Stanley Ursaline-Drakemore
The Colores scientists know the risks as well as we do.  The price is right, and I’m sure they are taking all the precautions they can from their end.  We should be ok.

Next Location
Observation and Conference Deck, KCS Passereaux
Kingdom of Colores Secret Facility, Project Iowa 
Professor Applebeck
Project Iowa will not be successful without this technology.  The ship is simply too large to enter warpspace with our current powerplant capabilities.

Agent Sophie
I understand Professor.  This Clan has a reputation for straight dealing and discretion. My team and I will be with you and the Jokero, Centian, all the way.

Undetected Orbit
Inquisitorial Black Ship “Heretic’s Bane”
4th Reich Agent Helga Wolfsbane
Now that you have seen the request for landing from the “Enhance”, that should confirm the intelligence I have shared with you.  The Kingdom of Colores is attempting to obtain illicit technology on your proscribed list.

Inquisitor Guimar
Yes, I agree. And since the technology is on data slates we must act quickly.

Guimar activates the ship’s intercom…
Pilot! Prepare the ship for landing!