Remember Cadia!

Cheetor (Link: HERE) and the other guys over at the Scale Creep blog (Link: HERE) are doing Cadian themed posts to go along with the destruction of Cadia in the 40k timeline.

As a show of oldhammer solidarity (is that a thing?), I called out all of my painted Cadians to the parade ground.

I present the 8th Jump Regiment in formation during a memorial service for their destroyed homeworld.

305 figures total
consisting of:
209 Cadian Metal
57 Karskin Metal Storm Troopers
7 Pre-Regiment IG Metal
the remaining are a few plastic Cadians and figures of other manufacture

I've had a whole lot of officers command portions of this army in games, but its original (and current) overall Commander is this really vintage figure. The "old man" General Jonah Stanislaw

I have been painting them every now and then since they came out, and I painted these just a couple of weeks ago.

I have probably 100 metal Cadians still to paint.
(Sad, I know)



  1. It's time for the Cadian Crusade! Find and take a new home world!

  2. #NeverForget #RememberCadia I salute you sir. ;)

  3. Go big or go home! That's an awesome collection.

  4. Wow. Always liked these sculpts. Good to see someone else does too! :)

    1. To me they are almost the perfect sci-fi or near future generic sculpt.
      They compete with the Copplestone "Assault Troopers" (and his matching grenadier sculpts now sold by em-4) for my favorite of all time.

  5. Wow, what a force! I have a Tallarn army and Waaaay back in the day I got the Death Corp of Kreig box army set...
    This makes me want to drag them out and show them off. I don't even know how many figs it is!

    1. I haven't ever fought with all the figures in the pic. Back when they came out, you needed a minimum of 55, and I think my "fielded" army came in at around 75 or so. But back then I had some Tallarns and Catachans mixed in to bulk out their numbers. (Which I still own, and are going to be a "pirate' force in the coming months)
      I know the max I've had on the table for a game was 120, so thanks to the #RememberCadia movement for giving me an excuse to get them out for some air.

    2. I dug out the Tallarn today, here's a pic on twitter

  6. Replies
    1. 20+ years in gradual painting and buying...

  7. Drool.

    I painted a full platoon of Steel Legion and that took me "forever", so painting another four... yeah wow.

    Now we need to see a parade of your armor too.

    1. Parade of Armor...?
      Great idea.
      I'll have to phony baloney up some excuse

    2. I bought the Steel Legion army box when it came out and didn't get them painted until about 4 years ago

  8. I'm hoping for a future novel series, starring a character going through the universe of 40k. The title of the series can be...."The Last Cadian."

  9. Wow, seriously impressive stuff.

    Although I'm very fond of the Copplestone Imperial Guard uniform, the plastic arm designs ruin them for me.

    The 90s Perry Cadians have an austere uniform that gives a certain no nonsense, no frills look that I love. I must pick up some more.

    Thanks for sharing those photos MG!


  10. That first Copplestone approach to the IG was ok, but the aesthetic lost me when the lasguns were without shoulder stocks. It just broke the visual too badly for me.
    However, his Future Warrior Troopers (both the Grenadier and his personal brand) are my favorite generic Sci-Fi soldiers.

    The #RememberCadia meme was a great motivator to pull the toys out of storage. Glad to post the pics.


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