The Breach: Ep1, Distant Rumors

With the thread of Inquisitor Guimar neutralized, other important matters in the Sector can be attended to.
(See the exciting conclusion to the Project Iowa campaign at this link: The Tartarus Rim

There are disturbing messages coming from the Rentlaw Sub-Sector.


The Governor General and his wife set out on the KCS Passereaux for secret negotiations with other factions in Sector Six to assess the potential threat and plan possible responses.

With the KCS Passereaux under way....

Hi Folks,
My gaming club and I are planning a Narrative Event open to anyone in Houston for June. However, with the impending release of 40k 8th, we may push the date into July.  If you are within striking distance, I 'd love for you to come! Details to follow...


  1. Very exciting - always great to see a new project coming down the pipe in Sector 6.

    1. Thanks,
      I think I have finally worked out a Narrative Campaign/Event structure that doesn't feel like something desperately trying to NOT be a Tournament. I am very excited about it, and I'll be sharing more very soon.

    2. Sounds very interesting - looking forward to hearing more!

  2. I thought there for a minute that you were going into he movie business as well Will lol

    Good luck with the event mate & I hope we get plenty of coverage of things here.

    1. I am going into the movie business (a little... ok a very little). This Narrative thing will have cutscenes between each round. I'm getting actors and everything...

    2. Seriously? Seriously awesome! I look forward to seeing how this unfolds. I shall take it you are safely back in the Kingdom of Colores. Best wishes to you, the Governor General, Agent Sophie, and the rest of the gang from all of us here in the Tartarus Rim Sector. :)

  3. Any chance you'll be going to Millennium Con in Austin in November?


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