Building Upgrades

Typical morning in the City

After "Shadow Wars" came out, I decided that my box buildings needed some extra features.

I've added platforms and fire escapes for figures to climb and shoot from. The platforms are just cut mdf, with needlepoint grids for the grates. For the railings, I used some 1/2" wire screen. The wire looks a little thin, but I haven't found a better source yet. I possibly overdid the rust effects, but in my defense, the technique was new to me, and I was having fun.

The Hospital is entirely new.

All the buildings together.

3 new vehicles. The hover vans are called "Hombi's" and are from Miniature Scenery.  It's an Australian company, so I used their US distributor, Infinity Harbor. The police car is from Antenociti's Workshop, again through a US distributor, Warsenal (although I think they are dropping their affiliation).

Topless.... avert your eyes

The buildings on my favorite surface.  It is a free set of pdf 's. I printed them and glued them to an mdf backing. Unfortunately, I cannot find the link, and it is possible it is no longer available. To help, it was a guy in Spain, and the name was something like "Topsilito". It might have been the Papermau site, but I couldn't find it there either. (if anyone knows, please share)

The tiles put the roads at about a 30 degree angle, which to me looks better than parallel to the table edges.  BUT the best thing about the tiles is that they are "rolling". So you could play out a car chase that could go on forever, but most relevant, it allows you to start and end with different rows and completely change the layout.

I have one more building to upgrade (it's in the back of a couple of shots), and some new vehicles from Antenocitis that are unpainted, but "perfect is the enemy of good", and since I probably will always be upgrading the city, this seemed as good a point as any to show off my progress.

Thanks for looking.


  1. Very nice! In the middle of re doing my bombed out city for a new campaign so I need all the inspiration I can get....Thanks!

    1. I know my city would be more "realistic" with craters and blasted ruins. I just cannot seem to get the motivation to build that way. Kudos to you.

  2. Those additions look great! Which reminds me I need to get busy on my terrain.

    1. Cue "Black Sheep Squadron" theme...
      Cue close-up of Robert Conrad

      "We are poor little lambs,
      who have lost our way..."

      Or for you younger ones...
      "Highway to the Danger Zone..."

      Or even better... Galactica launching fighters in atmosphere


    2. No Black Sheep Squadron is just right. Lol

  3. I think the link for the tabletop is this:

    I'm pretty sure you mentioned which pdf you used for the building faces, but I've forgotten. Dave Graffam perhaps?

    1. THAT'S IT!!!
      Thanks daveb. I have the file but I wanted to give proper credit and direct people there.

      So, the building prints are from three sources:
      World Works Games
      - no longer producing new material, but the site is still up and they have some
      spectacular prints

      Wargames Vault , Twilight Street Series

      Papermau for the "Leaf" building. It is a little out of scale and the same print is used for all 4 sides, but it is a nice variation to break up the skyline.

  4. That's a really nice way of dressing up your board. Magnificent!

  5. Great additions! They really take the buidings up a level. Hombis look good too.

    1. The Hombis are so great, I think I need a couple more

      Thanks Preacher

  6. The additions work out very well Will , nice work.


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