"He looks REALLY ANGRY", A Review of Miniature Scenery's Orxwing Fighter

For the month of Orktober, Miniature Scenery created a number of Ork models based upon different Sci-Fi Universes. (LINK: HERE). I’ve purchased a bunch things from them in the past, (See this review: LINK: HERE), and always been very happy with their products and the Orxwing is no exception. What a fantastic little model.
Well, in a word, awesome! See for yourself…
I think Miniature Scenery has a great quirky angle to their creativity. I mean c’mon! Who would have thought of a weird fighter that looks like the unwanted angry child of the Star Fury from Babylon 5 crossed with the legendary X-Wing that was raised by Weirdboyz in the Thunderdome?

Assembly and Fit
The Miniature Scenery guys and gals really push the limits on what mdf can do. This is really great once your model is assembled, but the getting there is very fiddly. I don’t want to warn anyone off, but I do want to manage your expectations. The Miniature Scenery vehicles I’ve encountered have a high number of small parts....(and there is a step by step thread over on the "preacher by day...mild mannered wargamer by night" blog, LINK: HERE  for MS’s incredible Peregrine that backs this up) 
I though he might come at me right from the assembly table!

I want to be clear that the models are NOT difficult to assemble. The instructions provided by MS are well done and I believe the skill level required is within reach of anyone who’s put together a model in the past few years.
BUT!!! These models do take time.  Personally, my preference is to rip open a package, spend half an hour with super glue and then primer that sucker. THAT IS NOT the experience with these models. Be aware of this, and you can approach the build with a lot more patience.

My order left in MS within a day or so of me placing it, and since MS sends everything with a tracking number, I was able to keep my enthusiasm in check as I watched the my Orxwings and my Buzzard make their way from Australia to my humble home in Sector Six. If you are an impatient sort, they have a stockist in the US called "Infinity Harbor", but IH does not have a complete stock of MS items.

Random Thoughts
I have been into flying machines recently for my next big project. I have asked Miniature Scenery if they plan to release a human fighter to fly against this menace to the spacelanes, and tantalizingly, they have said nothing.

Consider my interest piqued :)

Thanks for looking!


  1. Should anything Ork look anything else but angry Will ? great looking model & the great paint job you've done only makes it look even better mate :)

    MDF is really pushing back the boundaries & are a lot more affordable then plastic kits.

    1. True, I suppse I could split hairs and say some Orks look maniacal. lol

      Thanks for the compliment, and yes there are some simply amazing designs coming out of the mdf scenery companies.

  2. Oh, that lil' un looks really awesome. I love the way it's designed. True, it's amazing what can be done today with MDF. Really cool work on this one!

    1. Thanks Suber,
      I cannot wait to get to work on the Buzzard!

  3. These look particularly nasty.....an elite unit no doubt!

  4. Wow, you're quick! And it's come up very nicely too. Thanks for the nod about the Peregrine. Totally agree: they're not hard, but they do take time. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the Buzzard.

    1. I'm trying to be disciplined and build the 2nd Orxwing before the Buzzard, but I don't think I have it in me to resist

  5. Hey look what else is out there! http://brazosevilempire.blogspot.com/2017/12/28mm-starship-and-interior.html

    1. Woah, amazing!
      I left a longer comment over on your blog... thanks for sharing this!


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