at Home and On Campaign

at Home and On Campaign

20 February 2017

The Stupid Plan

Sometimes you just need to throw the toys on the table and have at it. Last weekend 4 of us broke out some big armies and had an epic slugfest.

Col. Stanislaw looked over the deployment of his 8th Para, and wondered (again) how his men ended up in front of the Grey Knights. Seriously.  According to the Grey Knights, that marauding ork menace known as Kommisar Yardstick had been told by a Shaman that possession of a particular set of bones from a dead warboss would ensure victory in the war on Grovestan 5.

Now both humans and orks were in a race to obtain the bones.

"...aaaaand we have to get it first." Stanislaw thought out loud. Pointing out to High Command that human troops advancing into an ork horde was not a survivable situation, was truly an exercise in futility.

"Move Out!"

Because Guard foot sloggers are so slow, two Grey Knight Interceptor Squads teleport ahead to grab the objective, block the far end, and become the first victims of the "Alley of Death".

The Interceptors are already dead, but they managed to move the bones a few inches.

Col. Stanislaw looked at the oncoming green mass squeezing through the Alley of Death, and mused that tactical acumen was absent on both sides today.
"Holy crap we killed a bunch of orks..."

"But there are always more...."  and the alley refills.

"It doesn't look like there will be any outflanking today..." the platoons assigned to rear guard are redeployed forward.

"Heavy artillery always helps."

"Run Away!"

All the Grey Knights were cut down (except for some higher officer over on the right), but in the end the men of the 8th Para, using a combination of shooting and falling back, hold the objective!

It was a fun game, and I must say that after we went through the standard scenario creation (rolling for mission, deployment, sides etc.), it was clear that the Imperials were going to benefit from the "long table" setup more than any brilliant maneuver.

I would like to thank our opponents Mike (owner of Goldmine Games) for a great table to play on, and both he and Travis for being such good sports even as things went against them.

Of course big kudos to my teammate Robert, whose Grey Knights did far more than documented here (can you say CLEANSING FLAME!) to gain us the win.

Thanks for looking!

04 February 2017

Remember Cadia!

Cheetor (Link: HERE) and the other guys over at the Scale Creep blog (Link: HERE) are doing Cadian themed posts to go along with the destruction of Cadia in the 40k timeline.

As a show of oldhammer solidarity (is that a thing?), I called out all of my painted Cadians to the parade ground.

I present the 8th Jump Regiment in formation during a memorial service for their destroyed homeworld.

305 figures total
consisting of:
209 Cadian Metal
57 Karskin Metal Storm Troopers
7 Pre-Regiment IG Metal
the remaining are a few plastic Cadians and figures of other manufacture

I've had a whole lot of officers command portions of this army in games, but its original (and current) overall Commander is this really vintage figure. The "old man" General Jonah Stanislaw

I have been painting them every now and then since they came out, and I painted these just a couple of weeks ago.

I have probably 100 metal Cadians still to paint.
(Sad, I know)