Trade War, Ep. 3: We Start the War from Here

Sachines Settlement
Jean Laffite’s Second Secret Pirate Hideout Bar and Grill, Hair Care, and Tire Center
(Private Room in the Back)

John “Hannibal” Smith briefs his team. 
They have been hired by the Timtai Trading League and issued a Letter of Marque to wage war upon the Voltanis Tigris Mercantile Guild.

Hannibal has selected the first target. An abandoned VT facility. Like many huge corporations, the Voltanis Tigris find it impossible to keep the lower level people vigilant about security.

Many company records have yet to be removed from the buildings, and there are terminals still hooked to the internal company network. From there, the Hannibal's unit can develop a list of high value targets and do some real damage.

Unfortunately, a Voltanis security team from the central facility has detected their entry.
...and so the action begins...

Hannibal's Harriers

Voltanis Security Team 442


 Team 442 hits the facility on the bounce and gets to the main corridor first, and sets up a firing lane.

 The Harriers try a counter rush and a general melee breaks out..

Hannibal gets winged on approach by a alert security agent on overwatch...

With the center at a stalemate, the twins leapfrog down the flank to try and break things free... 

 The fracas in the central corridor continues and Hannibal gets taken OOA

The Twins make the flank and toss a Demolition charge at the Security Team's base of fire

What a mess! 

The rest of the Security Team break and run... the Harriers have the run of the place.

but... Hannibal is down.
Are the "Harriers" going to have to change their name for the third time in 3 episodes to keep up the alliteration?


Hello Readers,
First run of the Arena rules, and they worked very well. The scenario cards are well done, and dispensing with the Scouting Phase is a good move from a game design perspective. 

I did a campaign earlier, "The Rilti Intervention", where my son and I played all the scenarios from the "Death From the Skies" book. I'll go with that again and try to run each scenario (or at least start with a scenario) from the Arena set.

Probably 2 years ago, Cheetor and I had an exchange where I claimed that I assembled a dice/accessory box for each game I played.  Below is my box (for now) for Kill Team.
As you can see, dice occupy an unusually low number of slots. Counters, Tokens, Blood Splatter markers are in the majority. It looks strange to me. :)

Thanks for looking!


  1. Gripping stuff Will & I like the idea of the box, nothing worse then wanting to play a game & not been able to find all your bits a feeling I know well :)

    1. I find that my boxes take on a sort of identity like the miniatures themselves. It becomes part of the fighting unit, so to speak.

      Plus, it makes packing quicker.

  2. Replies
    1. I kept everyone at 1 Wound regardless of what was printed on their data card, and I figured that would even the playing field by allowing the Twins to get taken down just as easily as anyone else. laid plans and all that, they have a 2+ BS and so when they threw the Demo Charge it was ... well...

      Quite the surprise for everyone.

  3. The dice/card/counter box is very useful! (particularly for such a potentially "stuff" heavy game)

    Those Cadian chaps in the security team... what are they armed with?

    1. The Cadians have an old metal Space Marine Scout bit. I picked up about 20 when I worked at GW. (15+ years ago)

      ...and boy howdy, KT can get really "stuff" heavy really quickly

    2. Ah yes, I recognize that bit now, and I have a bunch of that cadian head with the goggles myself... if only I could put some of this brain space into something useful!

    3. I have a few left, and funnily enough, it makes me very reluctant to use them, because, ya' know, then I'll be out.. lol

    4. I have a large bitz box (and several more overflow boxes) that are the embodiment of that exact same feeling!

  4. Fabuolous as always. It seems that the rules worked nice and smooth, good to know!

    1. The KT rules are very good, BUT the game is already bloating with rule creep. Stick with the Core Book, and Arena (which mostly adds just scenarios).

      (of course your personal preference may vary)

  5. Glad you had fun, but sorry the team is already looking for a new title. Tough break. Good looking model, too. First rule of gaming, that: the pretty ones always go first.

    1. Because of adulting, I haven't and e his injury roll yet.
      I have promised myself to abide by the result. maybe I'm just avoiding it. Lol

    2. Maybe keep the cler . . . I mean . . . psyker on hand? That way when the injury roll doesn't go the way you want you can just fix it? Just because you abide by the roll doesn't mean you can't story your way around it. ;-)

    3. Hadn't thought of that. Plus, I haven't really defined the role of the creature perched on Hannibal's shoulder. Are they connected ala' Honor Harrington? Is it more symbiotic? parasitic? Does it help in H2H Combat?

    4. Ooh . . . connected? Hexacat style? Interesting. Or possibly parasitic. Like a little familiar, maybe. So many possibilities.

  6. Cybernetic Hannibal lives forever! They need to fight their way into some kind of place with rejuvenation tanks. Or maybe not, I don't know how tied they are to their new leader after one mission.

    1. That would be a good mission.
      "The Tigris Votanis are known for their expertise in bio-enhancements. Hannibal won't survive unless the team can get him to one of their labs and force/abduct a medical team to treat him."


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