Escape of the "Star of the West", the exciting conclusion to the cross blog adventure!

airbornegrove26 came for a visit, and we had some awesome games!

We capped off the day by playing a game of hardwired, so, first check out Part I of this adventure on his blog here:
Hardwired Holiday!

...and now I present Part II...


  1. Please tell me you did meant fuhrer adventures 😂 in the last panel. That would be so Reich 😂😂😂. I got some ideas for the old girl hope I can limp her into port for much needed repairs. Your gonna have to help me out with all her new fangled bells and whistles and mysterious technology. Shoulda stole a user manual doh!

    1. I hope fuhrer adventures becomes a thing moving forward.

    2. We'll call that pun, "intentional", LOL!

  2. Replies
    1. I really thought the episode on grove's blog was going to get everyone killed, :)

    2. It should have with all the bullets you were slinging at me. LOL

  3. Glad to see Graveskull make it out un-cracked. Or maybe only slightly cracked. Great stuff!


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