"An Offer He Can't Refuse", or "A Visit From The Imperial Sub-Ambassador"

Continued from "Stealing the Relentless: Part II" Link

Gov Gen -Make sure the conference room is ready and well provisioned. I'm sure these negotiations will take a long time.

Princess Sophie - My Father will meet you here Ambassador, and I'm su...

Sub-Ambassaor Tigh - No thank-you. Whatever you were going to say would be a waste of time I do not have.  ...Please leave.
Imperial Sub-Ambassador Tigh - Fortunately for you, we have just been informed of an attack by your fellow "earthlings" that call themselves the 4th Reich (derisive snort) on the planet of Ocrade.  So...I have no time to sort out you lot. Here are the absurdly generous Imperial terms:  A crew has been dispatched, and will arrive in 72 hours, the Relentless will be turned over to them.  Then the matter will be closed, and you will be spared any retaliation. If you choose not to comply with these terms, this insignificant speck of nothing that amusingly purports itself as a "kingdom" will recieve the full attention of local Imperial command immediately following our Ocrade involvement.

Negotiation Over....Good Day

Staff Officer - Well Sir?

GovGen - Well what?  We've had the Relentless for a week, and it looks like we can keep peeling secrets out of her for another 71 hours and 59 minutes without any consequences.
If it makes you feel better, leave a few stink bombs behind for the Imperial crew as a send off.

Smithers! Another whiskey!

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