Stealing the Relentless Part 2: Farewell to an Old Friend

If you are offended by lego minifigs used as soldiers stop reading here.  My opponent for this battle was my 9 year old and I have helped him amass an army of lego sci-fi troops. He plays the part of the Commander of the boarding parties.  It was a great fight.

About the terrain...
About 4 years ago I built a giant airship, the "Clarke", and while I used her in a couple of Big Battles she spent vastly more time unused on a shelf.  My intention was to eventually enter her into the Owlcon miniature contests under the "Big Model" category. Well, another Owlcon has come and gone and the "Clarke" not only still sat unloved, but since we moved she has been in a closet unseen.  I was a little stuck on how to proceed with the Relentless campaign, and then I realized I could break-up the airship to create a superstructure for the Relentless. Here is a link to the "Clarke" in all her glory , and below you will see her remains providing one last service. 
She will be missed.

Assault Boats Inbound!
The Imperial Security Chief deploys the Naval Security Troops and Sailors to repel intruders.
The Colores Boarders blow the airlocks on the port and starboard
The fighting is close and brutal as Commander Robert drives the Assault teams forward
The most dramatic part of the battle was the lone Imperial Security Trooper holding the port side.  He had already gunned down one intruder, and as the door blasted open, he bags a second!
He was truly the man of the game, even wounding the Colores hero, Cmdr. Robert!
only to be brought down in a hail of vengeful gunfire on the last turn!
The Relentless is ours, Admiral!  Bring the prize crew aboard and let's go home.


  1. where do you find those cool explosion markers??

  2. I get them from a company called Litko Aerosystems.
    Here is the link:

    They do great stuff, BUT it does take around 4 weeks to get delivery. It is a policy I hope they change.

    Thanks for coming to see!


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