On the Hunt V: Schism

Continued from Last Post "The War Conference"

Cannoness Quintilla ponderously enters the room with her entourage...
C Quintilla:"This abomination is over.  The Emperor's forces will NOT fight alongside unbelievers!"
Her attendants draw weapons...
C Quintilla: "The delegations will be allowed to leave only if they do not speak another word, otherwise you will be shot where you stand. Consider this mercy a sign of our kindness and benevolence."
The room  is on a hair trigger, but slowly the non-Imperials take their leave.
As Maj. Gusicard and the Timtai delegate enter the shuttle bay at gunpoint, Sgt Mannesman cannot help himself, with a dry chuckle...
Sgt Mannesman: "So Sir, how'd it go?"

Back in the conference room...
Sub-Ambassador Tigh: "Well, that was ill-advised."
Cannoness Quintilla: "Do not trifle with me, Sub-Ambassador. I contemplated having you arrested for heretical practices."
SA  Tigh: "So, you would let the sector burn rather than ..."
C. Quintilla: "YES! I would let it all burn if Imperial precedence is not accepted as absolute.  These men are my children under the church, and they are above all others."
SA Tigh: "This puts victory over the 'Reich' in jepoardy."
C. Quintilla: "Let them lose.  Until they understand and accept our primacy, we will not participate."


  1. A real drama queen, this Cannoness Quintilla... :-)

  2. This is probably the closest I will ever come to writing about my personal life on this blog.


  3. well there goes neighbourhood (well sector) I hope that this does not mean that everything has been ruined and that our hero's can still save the day.

  4. I love these little photos, so full of drama and character :)

    Where does the Cannoness Quintilla miniature come from? I would love to get one for my own Imperial court.

  5. She is a Reaper Mini:
    60036: Visbaronetess Delour Aulamaxa by Bobby Jackson

    Thanks for reading. It is a lot of fun producing the story.

  6. Thanks, I will definitely have to pick one of those up. She has something of a Dune vibe that I didnt spot until I saw it in context with your miniatures.

    Great stuff, keep it coming :)


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