Tabac Orbital Shipyards: Installation of the Main Battery, Frigate 3AA

 Contrary to the previously posted schematic, this recently obtained photo clearly shows the 3AA variant is armed with twin Frontier Systems 5” Repeater Cannon in an armored turret with independent Fire Control Sensors. The GE Cyclic Laser is retained and has now been mounted at the base of the outboard mast. 
In the docking cradle is a Swiftsure Interface Boat, as opposed to the Imperial Mark 4 Assault boat shown earlier. These design modifications are clearly in process as the new placement of the sensor mast is still unknown.  The implication is not only that the 3AA is trading hull space, ditching the larger Assault boat for more firepower, but since the Swiftsure is lighter and has a much smaller support footprint than the originally planned, there could possibly be enough room to hangar a second Swiftsure.
If this is so, the Colores Frigate 3AA could be much more effective than previously hypothesized.


  1. Is that Swiftsure from old crow? Are they casting again? did the KCF 3AA drop the missile's? And are you planning on making a transport/diplomat vessel Also?

  2. Very nice work.How big is the actual model?

  3. Hi Don, Designed it was supposed to be under 12” long. As built it is at 17”, any shorter just didn’t look convincing even as a toy construct. Diameter is revealed by the 4” dia PVC endcap on the front. In retrospect, I could possibly cut about 3” to 4” off.

    Hi Commissar, I’ve had that Splinter for about 10 years, I just found it while scrounging for parts. I like it so much that I think I’m going to buy a 2 nd . I reached out to Old Crow and he is willing to cast. As for missiles, I have a bunch of options, ranging from huge external missiles to smaller missiles on a magazine mount. I haven’t decided yet.

    I will have a diplomatic version (Series 3AB), it is needed for the next storyline. I have mounted the turrets with rare earth magnets and for the diplomatic version, I will swap out with a much lighter weapons load.

    My next entry will set the stage for the upcoming campaign(s)

    Maj G

  4. Now that's using your head, using magnets is a great idea. Looking forward to seeing the ship completed.
    I have one a few old crow figs. I am thinking I should drop him a line and see if he has an online catalog then.

  5. cool! those fighters will be useful at keeping any pirate assaults at bay, so long as these pirate assaults are not of multiple ships.

    looking forwards to more


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