Goodwill Tour: Departure

Although there were some problems at the send-off Ball (Link), the Tour will proceed as planned. 

Here is the Captain and some officers of the KCS Passereaux
In the early days of the Colores fleet, with decrepit castoff ships and inexperienced crew, accidental decompression and separation from the ship was enough of a possibility that shipboard uniforms were designed to maximize the potential for survival and recovery. The red vac-suits maximized visibility. The inevitable jokes about "Redshirts" have galvanized fleet personnel over time and turned into a point of pride and gallows humor.  The need for red vac-suits has long abated, and although there is an alternative khaki, spaceborne crew invariably wear the red.

Fleet Security Detachment 1
With the presence of the Ambassador, the KCS Passereaux has an elite Security Detachment aboard. Security detachments are beginning to abandon the red vac-suit in favor of the duller option.

Ambassador Sophie, Lt. Johnson, and Ace Bannon
Ambassador Sophie maintains a small staff of 2. Lt. Johnson is a general assistant and her lifelong bodyguard Ace Bannon.

The Passereaux gets underway
The Ambassador and Lt. Johnson on Passereaux's small observation deck.
The Crew of the Passereaux are "the Inpectors" from Heresy.  Sophie is a "Superfig" with a headswap from Statuesque Miniatures.
FSD-1 are SWAT minis from the Assault Group, and lastly Ace Bannon is from Copplestone.

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