Secret War III: Missed Rendezvous

Following the ambush in out last episode (Link), Eight Ball Command attempts to link up with Ambassador Sophie and transfer Sulla Tigh to her ship the KCS Passereaux.
En route, Eight Ball has landed at the Ferraso Landing Field to refuel the dropship. They move to set a perimeter.
 Just as they get to their positions, they come under attack...
..from an IMPERIAL Naval Strike Team
This is the standard Pulp Alley scenario. The Plot Points are:

The Dropship (destroyed by attaching an explosive charge)

Sub-Ambassador Tigh
Dropship Fuel Supplies
Eight Ball Drone (undergoing maintenance)
Landing Field Sky Control Officer

The Imperials seem to go for the dropship, and Maj Guiscard and Sgt. Mannesmann move to stop them.
Meanwhile the second group of Imperials scoop up the drone and attempt to capture Sulla Tigh.
The fight in front of the Dropshop goes very poorly for the Imperials, but one Naval Infantryman breaks through and detonates a charge.
On the other hand, Cpl. Alkamade comes down out of the control tower then frees Amb. Tigh and the drone.
With the Dropship disabled, the main Imperial mission has been accomplished. The surviving Imperial characters withdraw.
Maj. Guiscard: Specialist Bont, tell Admiral King to prepare a courier drone. We have just been attacked by Imperial troops, and we will not make rendezvous with the Passereaux. Ambassador Sophie and her team need to proceed to Krellborne IX without Sulla Tigh.


Ambassador Sophie is concluding her visit to The Hatirki Free State.
Amb. Sophie: Thank-you Prime Minister, the Hatirki hospitality has been wonderful. I hope to visit again very soon.
When the Ambassdor's Dropship departs, it does not head for orbit. It flies to a remote site with ancient ruins.
The team that debarks looks a little different. And diplomatic deportment gives way to tactical drills.
As Maj. Guiscard pointed out:  "Agent" Sophie brings a full spectrum of skills to a problem.
The Passereaux breaks orbit from Hatirki and makes for the transition point.  It is a long transit to Krellborn IX, and Agent Sophie's team will use all of it to prepare.

So many questions:
What was that creature in the Boria System?
How did the Nazi's find out about Imperial Sub-Ambassador Tigh's movements?
Why are Imperial troops attacking an Imperial Diplomat?
What ties all this together? How is the Imperial Canoness involved?

Stay Tuned to  for the next episode!
Now the Flat Stanley part of the campaign begins!  The miniatures are in geographic transit to cheetor's home in Ireland and virtual transit to cheetor's blog in cyberspace:
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