at Home and On Campaign

at Home and On Campaign

25 February 2014

Tabac Orbital Shipyards: Installation of the Main Battery, Frigate 3AA

 Contrary to the previously posted schematic, this recently obtained photo clearly shows the 3AA variant is armed with twin Frontier Systems 5” Repeater Cannon in an armored turret with independent Fire Control Sensors. The GE Cyclic Laser is retained and has now been mounted at the base of the outboard mast. 
In the docking cradle is a Swiftsure Interface Boat, as opposed to the Imperial Mark 4 Assault boat shown earlier. These design modifications are clearly in process as the new placement of the sensor mast is still unknown.  The implication is not only that the 3AA is trading hull space, ditching the larger Assault boat for more firepower, but since the Swiftsure is lighter and has a much smaller support footprint than the originally planned, there could possibly be enough room to hangar a second Swiftsure.
If this is so, the Colores Frigate 3AA could be much more effective than previously hypothesized.

20 February 2014

Tabac Orbital Shipyard, New Frigate

Janus Defense Quarterly

Kingdom of Colores Frigate Series 3, Variants AA and AB. Colores has developed a new frigate hull. Current production plans are for 4 ships in 2 variants. Both variants will be configured with an oversized powerplant to enable quick jump turnarounds and an extensive sensor suite. The combat variant (Frigate Series 3AA) is armed with a GE 14 giga watt cyclic laser, and only a small internal bay with a 4 missile with variable payload. The emphasis on energy weapons leaves hull capacity for a docking cradle and a small landing team. The primary mission of the Series 3AA is deep space reconnaissance and special operations. It can get in and out of a system quickly, it can land a special actions team, and can fight if it has to.

The Series AB variant is a diplomatic and courier vessel. It lacks the missile bay of the AA hull in exchange for more living space and amenities advantageous for diplomatic missions. In short, it is lightly armed but has legs to escape to protect an ambassador in case of an emergency.

04 February 2014

Johnny Comes Marching Home

After the victory at Haussen (Link), Central City on St. Marie hosts a parade for the returning troops.

Tanks of the 23rd Cav

The fearsome Gis
Ceremonial units escort the most decorated heroes:
Lt. Demetrius Philo, winner of the Legion of Bravery, the highest award given by the Kingdom of Colores, escorted by the the Princess' Own Guard

What a joyous day!
I would like to welcome the newest Scholars of Political Affairs in Sector Six:
Michael Campbell