The Hawker Tucano

Oops, Dear Readers,
I owe you a picture.
During the Holiday Ball there was a caption that I forgot to add the picture to.  I acquired a stylin’ aircar from Antenociti’s Workshop. So here it is:
…and lastly a beauty shot with Ambassador Sophie arriving at the Fordian Trade Mission during recent negotiations
Thanks for looking!
Apologies gents, I seem to have picked up 2 new readers, but my widget won’t show me who it is.

Welcome aboard!


  1. That's a nice car Will I must pick one or two of these up.

  2. Thanks Guys,
    If you want to pick one up Antenociti's workshop has re-listed them as "for Infinity" and renamed them as "Tucuxi Evora". They have a bunch of other cool civilian vehicles, including a street sweeper that I'm going to have to get.

  3. May I ask what you're using for your road surface? Is that masonite? Looks good. And that last shot really is a winner. The angle and company make the air-car look like a million bucks. Cars always look better with a stylish driver stepping out.

  4. Yep, the road is dark brown (like pegboard) MDF spray painted "unevenly" with cheap black paint. Then masked to edge the white stripe using the same "uneven" spray technique with cheap white paint.

    Iv'e noticed that unlike minis and most other terrain pieces, normal wear and tear only improves the look.

    I feel like sometimes the quality of my photography is almost random. There are shots I take a lot of time to set up and they don't quite pop and then others just happen naturally.
    I didn't expect the last one to come out so well. ....and yes, stylish drivers help :)


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