Space Nazis!

For the impending “Rise of Tyranny” Campaign, I will be including the general population of my local club, the 290 Bunker Crew.  This is a departure from my recent habits of picking a gaming buddy or two, and building the storyline. 

The format of “all in” leads to thematic challenges because the participants:
1.       Want to play with “their” army regardless of background.
2.       Have wildly different opportunities to participate

To help control the narrative component, I intend to provide the Army for the main bad guys. I am going to leave this army at the club (YIKES) and allow anyone to use it (DOUBLE YIKES) so players can get in games that drive the narrative.

I'll be posting the campaign rules and maps as they are good enough for public view.

Now for the pics!

I’ve shown the Command Unit, with Kmdr Schacklow before. Here he is with some of his new troops:

,,and here are some close ups of the troops of he 45th Panzergrenadier:

They are not-Norts from Bronze Age Miniatures.  The sculpts are little rough, but the details are well raised and easy to paint. I am a big fan of metal minis, and with their sinister look, they fit my needs perfectly.

For speed, I have used the dip method for the first time. I do like the effect, but the limitations will mean that it will be reserved for "short on time / need huge numbers" type projects.

In the end, I will need about 80 soldiers.  Most will be these from Bronze Age, but some will be Copplestone robots (shown previously)

Of the goal for 60”ish” Bronze Age Minis:
20 complete
10 primered
10 bare

20 to be purchased...

Thanks for looking!


  1. Completely empathise with you about the challenges of the 'all in' campaign. I hope your army survives the club. And what is that walker thing behind them?

    1. Yes, with a large diverse group, campaigns can morph into thinly disguised leagues with accumulated territories as proxy win/loss records. I think this where this campaign is headed. Not an altogether bad thing if we can unify the club, but I am showing signs of "old man disease" and I want the damn kids off my lawn. :)

      The walker thing? What walker thing?......

  2. You keeping us in suspense Will with just showing the lower lags of something big ? nice lol
    On the did if you don't want it to heavy on something just paint it on, it doesn't take much longer & imo the effect is better.

    Good luck with the campaign mate & I can't wait to see your rulespack & maps.

    1. What lower legs?....

      Maps soon!
      Rulespack...less soon

  3. Nazis! Why does it always have to be Nazis?!?! :)

    1. LOL!!!

      Someone talking about Dr. Who and the Daleks said it best. The quote was something like:
      "I don't understand why the Daleks have such a fearsome reputation. They are the most reliably defeatable bad guys in the universe."

    2. Exactly. Why mess with a winning formula?

  4. Brave man, sir. I do hope the campaign goes well and the Space Baddies emerge without too much bruising, though one does hope to see them defeated. (It was a little close last time. They seem tenacious nasties.) Good luck. Looking forward to more.


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