TJotMS, Ep. 2: The Pirates of Jeaux

Scourge of Sector Six, the Pirates of Jeaux!
They strike suddenly, and have taken all manner of prizes, including a luxury starship owned by a Trading Magnate right under the nose of the Imperial Navy.
Led by a formidable gunship, "Growler" the gang is brazen and crazy aggressive.

Reich Station 17

Kmdr Weiss
... and he was willing to take the mission?

Courier Smitz
Yes, Kommander, for the money we are paying he was eager to attack the ships of Colores. Once he receives this payment, he will begin attacks immediately.

These are the flyers released by Miniature Scenery for their Orktober promotion. As per usual with MS, the kits are excellent, prices are worth it, and delivery e was well within acceptable. That last, is especially commendable considering they are all the way in Australia.

As Grove has enthusiastically expounded upon on his blog,
we are building Capital Ships, Fighters, boarding troops and all kinds of goodies as we campaign toward the big event in June.

For my part, the Shelley is built, but I am starting on another capital ship for the Reich, plus all of its Fighters and accessories. As that goes on on the build side, my blog will be chronicling the Shelley as she transits the Sector and beyond to New Texas.


  1. That gunship is a nasty item!

  2. Looks like your going to be busy Will & we're going to have lots of great stuff to see & hear about between now & June :)
    As for the new ship who would have thought the Orks & the Klingons would come together to build such a wonderful think :)

    1. I have some batreps in the can and I can't wait to post them.
      As far as the Ork / Klingon crossover, I think the Orks looted it :)

  3. Nice work! I like the pale yellow paintjob. And seeing all these in action is just going to be fantastic.

    1. So far for the campaign/event, we have fighter rules, we have agreed on a set for boarding actions, but only grove has an army built on the concept. I'm currently trying to develop the fighter rules to capital ship battles.

      Stay tuned!


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