This is the Journey of the KCS Mary Shelley...

Briefing Room, KCS Mary Shelly
Captain Arron Thuries briefs the senior members of the crew on the final plans for the long and perilous journey to New Texas - LINK .  By necessity, the course will vary from the direct line due to suspected enemy action and the need to replenish far from any friendly bases.

Captain Arron Thuries
An “old man of space”, Thuries was one of the first earthlings actually born in Sector Six. He has been a starship crewman all his life. It is rumored that Thuries even did a covert stint with the Imperial Navy to earn critical starship experience to bring back to the ramshackle Kingdom of Colores Fleet.

Navigator Miranda Staurakia
A Level 3 Navigator of the Staurakia Navigators Guild, she was researching the Space Time intersection in New Texas when she was rescued by Maj Guiscard and Eight Ball, LINK. She is an Imperial citizen, but because of the coinciding interest with the Kingdom of Colores, the Guild has covertly supplied a Navigation Team far superior to what Colores could for the mission.

Senior Diplomat Sophie Blanche-Andres
Only daughter of the Governor General, she is the closest thing to a goodwill ambassador this benighted region of space can muster. Ambassador Andres is beloved for her humanitarian inclinations and respected for her practical approach (and she’s pretty handy in a fight).

Major Guiscard and Sgt. Mannessmann
Notorious Special Operations officer, and his senior enlisted.

Warpspace Engineers Hari and Kari
Little is known about the pair, they were brought on by the Navigator. They had an instinctive take to the Warp Engines, and in spite of (or maybe because of) their eclectic appearance, have gained the trust of the Captain and Crew.

Consultant Detective Sherlock Gnomes
Private Investigator that proved the existence of New Texas during a case about robberies where the suspects were utilizing teleportation. LINK

Embarkation of the Strike Fighter wing

"Steady as she goes, Helmsman. Make for the Warp transition point."

The mission will be long, and it is suspected that the 4th Reich has mustered all it can to disrupt the mission and reach the region of New Texas first. There are some intelligence reports that a Count Grabbo…

who is a denizen of New Texas, is either a member of the Reich or has found common cause. If this is true, there is no time to waste.


Hi Readers!
It is almost a new year, and for Sector Six, that seems to have come to mean a NEW MASSIVE CROSS BLOG CAMPAIGN!!!

airbornegrove from the AWESOME "Give 'Em Lead" blog here:
and I will be building and fighting and  and stuff !

The KCS Mary Shelley has come out to play. I’m very excited and this will be a looonnng campaign with many many episodes and guest appearances!
Stay Tuned!

Oh, wait ….. what is that???


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks,
      Hopefully we won't get any "Why would an ordinary citizen need an aircraft carrier" trolls on this post.

    2. Yep! We can totally deal with out thst.
      Also when I hear New Texas I think of the old 80s cartoon Brave Star.

    3. Great Minds think alike! Over on airbornegorve's blog he talks about how Brave Star was a big influence on New Texas.

    4. I am going to have to take some time to view his blog then.

  2. As I've come to expect Will, this nothing less then your normal high standard :) a great intro mate & I'm sure all your readers will have a ball reading all the going on's in New Texas, can't wait :)

    1. Thanks a lot Frank!
      This is the 3rd cross blog campaign I've attempted, and each one seems to get more ambitious. We'll see if my co-conspirators, airbornegrove and I can muster the maturity and self discipline to pull it off.
      (...but considering the number of fart jokes already exchanged, I'd bet heavily the other way)

  3. Goody goody! Love the first and last group shots!

    1. Thanks Preacher,
      The last one was really fun because I didn't really set it. I was kind of rearranging the bridge and just snapped a pic.

  4. It’s gonna be a fun rid through space. 🧟‍♂️

    1. "Don't forget clean socks!"
      - said by every Mother ever

  5. Complete and total insanity that will doubles end badly.....I approve lol

    1. Lol!
      "That's a terrible idea!
      ...What time do we start?"

  6. Oh . . . my . . . dear . . . god! Where do I sign up? This looks positively incredible! You guys are going to have more fun than any one person can withstand.

    1. "You guys are going to have more fun than any one person can withstand."

      Possibly, yes. ;)


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