VALLE DE LOS BRUJOS: Ep. 4, Epilogue

New Cypress, Travis Point
Governor-General’s City Office

Sherlock Gnomes
“In conclusion Governor, this is why the representative from the Staurakia Navigators’ Guild is present. The truly important part of my investigation is not the Archuleta Brothers, it is that their use of the convergence is proof that it exists. This mythical place where time and distance intersect. It’s real.”

3rd Stage Navigator Miranda Staurakia
“I was researching possible locations for the convergence on Sca (Link: HERE). The library that used to be there called this place by code, so I'll simply refer to it as, "New Texas".   Then I was interrupted by the battle between your troops and the Imperials.
Governor, the ability to teleport almost infinite distance would be priceless.”

Governor-General Andres
“Quite… and if this is possible, AND our enemies find it first, well… it would be catastrophic.
Unfortunately, your predicted location is father out than any Colores ship has ever journeyed.”

Maj Guiscard
“Governor, there is one ship that might make it….”


  1. Omg!!!! This is getting good. Also if you are gonna do a quantum leap type arc you need a Scott bakula mini

    1. You're right. I need to check Hasslefree for a "Not Bakula" mini ;)

  2. Interesting, the back drop in the picture Will is it done with the computer or diid you do it with a book ? or are you not telling lol

    1. I spent a great deal of time at Industrial Light and Magic and....

      no, I'm lying....

      I took my tablet, googled, "Classic Office", found that pic, and placed it behind the minis.

      I apologize for nothing! LOL

    2. I done something similar using a book picture before & like yours above it worked out well, well done mate.

    3. I like building the scenic parts, but there are times where I just want to advance the story to the next. I find that this is a good compromise.


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