TJOTMS, Ep 19: I Feel the Need for Speed!

There’s a War on the Planet of New Texas. (See all previous TJOTMS posts and New Texas posts on Grove’s blog: HERE) The forces under Black Vasken are retreating down the Apache Canyon from their failed attempt to destroy the Technodrome, while in response, Multi Dimensional Warlord Krang and his allies have launched an airstrike.

Fighters from the Lone Starr and the KCS Mary Shelley have been vectored to intercept the attacking aircraft. If Krang’s fighters can make it past them, Vasken’s troops could face some very heavy casualties.

The Battle

The lead fighters engage in a head to head pass, and ..
The Colores fighter goes down!

Things are looking bad, but in a rush to get to the engagement

Two of Krang's fighters collide!

Splash one, and the other is damaged.
The Lone Starr's fighters follow up. They get a missile lock on a Reich's fighter, and disable Krang's remaining fighter with a "Lasso" Shot
It goes spinning out of control as it is flung away. On the left, the missile launched by the wingman is closing in on the Reich's fighter.

The fighter screen put up by Vasken and his Colores allies held, and the Bomber corridor was not open. The withdrawing troops were safe.

Bridge of the KCS Mary Shelley
Deck Officer Bradford
"Captain, telemetry data from the Reich's fighters has given s ua track to their origin."
Captain Thuries
"Notify the Lone Starr. We are initiating an intercept course for the Dragon.
Helm, come around!"
Sensor Tech Smith
"Captain, we have detected a second capital ship... IFF pings as Imperial Navy Auxiliary, Cerberus"
Captain Thuries
Helm, continue to close!"


The second game of the weekend played fast, like it was supposed to. The collision between Lopez's two fighters was hilarious and pretty much decided the game. So, despite everyone's strategerying (yes, I know, but if a president says it, then it's a word. I don't make the rules...)
a simple crash was it. 

I've been holding back on the Cerberus. She's a beauty,  I keep learning off the previous ship builds, and I already want to start on another.  I'll post a design and build episode after I get through the battle weekend.


  1. I'm applauding at my screen. Really cool!!

  2. Yus! I love how our scheduling is working out with zero coordination lol. Your making perfect overviews to link to for the comic reports. Comic report for this one drops Monday! Awesome sauce dawg.

    1. I'll post more on your blog, but this is a good lesson in why history is so hard to get right. We are posting on the exact same events, and getting the overall picture the same, but details differ.

      It's fun to read.

  3. Good grief sir how much storage space do you HAVE?? Great stuff, the pair of you. What rules do you use for your dogfights? I have missed this I think.

    1. Grove has more than me, but I cycle through my stuff and move it along to my gaming club and FLGS. It's the only way to keep building.

  4. Damn the Imperials! Full speed ahead!

  5. Boo yeah! Glad the aerial support came through to save Vasken's tail. Aerial support and that old "never interrupt your opponent when they're making a mistake" principal. Gotta love it when the other team scores your goals for you! Nice! Looking forward to more.

    1. His catastrophe included the ultimate in ominous foreshadowing:
      "All you have to do is not roll a one"

    2. That will do it every time! :D

  6. Wait, what!? A new ship!? :D

    Fantastic stuff!


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